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It will be a long and difficult road. Never let go of each other's hands.

–To her sons

Ahn Young was the wife of King Jin Hyul, renowned to be a great queen in the history of Ga Guk.


Ahn Young's full appearance

Ahn Young was a fair and beautiful woman with long tan hair and hazel eyes. She wore a white chima jeogori with violet linings, a lavender durumagi, and a light brown goreum with brown designs which served like a belt. She put on a long light turquoise baeja which is tied to a ribbon. Her goreum had a continuation-like cloth which reached to her feet like her chima and bore a round seal on the bottom part of the cloth. As queen, she wore her hair in a braid and accessorized it with a yongjam, designed with two dragons on each end adorned with silver bead-like strings falling on both directions.

In the past, she wore lavish chima jeogori during her palace walks. She also kept her shin-length hair in braids, often accessorized with hair ornaments.


Ahn Young was selfless and affectionate as a mother, who was known as a great queen in the history of Ga Guk.[1] In the face of imminent danger and death, she was able to maintain her composure and pride, even before she drew her last breath. She was the object of jealousy of Yoon Yeon Lee because Ahn Young and her son are rather the focus of attention of the late king Jin Hyul.

Amicable and motherly in character, it was clear that Ahn Young naturally cared for the kingdom. If the kingdom is to subjected under the hands of a self-indulgent person such as her usurper Yeon Lee, Ahn Young did not hold back her loathing for such individual, even returning as a vengeful apparition to the erstwhile queen mother moments before the latter's death in a fire during the rebel army's rebellion.[2]


Ahn Young was one of the wives of King Jin Hyul, the other being Yoon Yeon Lee of Ja Eui. Nineteen years prior to the start of the series, the queen was pregnant with twins, though the royal physician Ma Mi Song, unbeknownst to her, did not inform her of this and that the second child had a faint heartbeat compared to the first child's normal heartbeat.

Later, she finally gave birth to twin princes: one healthy and one barely breathing, as previously diagnosed. The king, not wanting the two children to eventually grow in jealousy over the throne like his rivalry with his twin brother, did not allow let the physician attend to the baby. One of the queen's ladies-in-waiting overheard the conversation and tells her of the king's scheme. Angrily, Ahn Young orders her ladies-in-waiting to summon the physician immediately.

Ahn Young seeks the help of Minister Ha

Her cousin's husband, Minister Yi Ha, witnessed the commotion near her chambers and asked her about the situation. Ahn Young explained the dilemma to him and pleaded for her cousin-in-law to help her and her child. Moments before the king arrived at the queen's chambers, Minister Ha escaped with the child and flees from the palace.

Physician Ma saw him, seemingly suspicious of his unrest. As he realized the situation, Physician Ma took the child to treat him and resigned from his position from thereon. Subsequently, Minister Ha took the child under his and his wife's care. Meanwhile, Ahn Young kept the secret from the king, making it seem as if the second-born prince had died.[3] Few months later, Ahn Young sent the couple the child's name: Hwi.[4] Since then, Ahn Young always made two of the same clothes: one for her firstborn and another for her second child, supposedly as a spare.

Ahn Young meets her second child after eight years

Eight years later, Jin Hyul acquired an illness and became bed-ridden. He asked Ahn Young to finally bring the child living with Minister Ha back to the palace, indicating his knowledge about the secret. Ahn Young then ordered for the child to be brought to the palace, albeit on Jin Hyul's condition that no one is to know about Hwi's identity until the crown prince assumes the throne. Hence, the boy was introduced to the crown prince and eventually became friends with each other to the point of regarding him as a brother. The queen later met with the children and welcomed Hwi, embracing and thanking him for becoming Jeok's companion.

As presents, Ahn Young also gave them identically-designed clothes. Though Hwi was reluctant to accept such gift from the queen, she asked him to keep them, in return for having to be a good companion to the crown prince. Jeok then remarked how Hwi could keep the clothes, as he claimed that she had always been making two of the same clothes anyway. He also told his mother how the clothes she had been making had finally seemingly found their way to their rightful owner.[5] Later, Ahn Young thanked Minister Ha for having taken care of Hwi.[6]

Jeogwa Revolution[]

Main article: Jeogwa Revolution

Yeon Lee confronts Ahn Young

One tragic night briefly after Jin Hyul's death, Yoon Yeon Lee orchestrated a coup d'état and set the palace on fire. Ahn Young bid her farewells to her two sons (though still hiding the second-born's identity), asking them to escape the burning palace. Minister Seo In Seon Woo, their mentor, instructed them to find the area with red-tiled roofs and seek Wol Young Hwa for help. As the children fled, Ahn Young shed some tears and smiled one last time to the children.

Yoon Yeon Lee arrived, exclaiming about her diabolical plans of claiming Ga Guk from the queen. After having a brief confrontation, Yeon Lee ordered Baek Yoo Shin to kill Ahn Young.[7] At that point, Yeon Lee acquired Ahn Young's title as queen: specifically, her ten-year-old son Yi Won was coronated as King Jin Won with Yeon Lee as regent of Ga Guk for ten years until he reached 20 years old.[8]


Crimson Moon Rebellion[]

A vengeful ghost of Ahn Young appears to Yeon Lee

Sometime during the rebel army's revolt, then partially-paralyzed Queen Mother Yeon Lee remains confined in her quarters, assumed to be set on fire by rebels. An apparition of Ahn Young soon appears before her, assuring her usurper that she shall never escape the fire. As Yeon Lee struggles to ask help from her allies, Ahn Young invites her to merely lie and watch her Ga Guk crumble. Moreover, as Ahn Young's ghost disappears, Jeok suddenly arrives by Yeon Lee's doorstep, who leaves her to be consumed by the fire and tells her to watch her nation get done for.[2]


  • (To her spouse about their "deceased" son) "He is dead. Are you satisfied now? Don't touch him! You have forsaken him."[3]
  • (To Minister Ha about Hwi) "Thank you… for having cherished him.[6]
  • (Last words to Jeok and Hwi) "Do not hesitate, do not look back, and do not stop. Only look forward… and please… Please… Stay alive…"[7]
  • (As an apparition to Yeon Lee) "Yoon… Yeon Lee… You wench! You think you can get away with this?! Try and escape! You won't! I will make sure of it. Just lie there and watch… Watch your Ga Guk crumble!"[2]


  • Ahn Young's ghost and her son Jeok said a similar statement to Yeon Lee while leaving her to die by the fire, which was to watch her Ga Guk crumble down.[2]


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