Ahn Young

Ahn Young

Title Empress consort of Ga Guk
Debut Chapter 0.1
Gender Female
Hair Tan
Eyes Hazel
Status Deceased
Spouse Yi Hyul
Issue Yi Hwi
Do not hesitate, do not look back, and do not stop. Only look forward. And please... Please... Stay alive...

–To Yi Hwi

Ahn Young was the mother of Yi Hwi and the wife of the late Emperor Jin Hyul.


Queen Ahn Young 1

Ahn Young's full seated appearance

Ahn Young is a fair and beautiful woman with long tan hair and hazel eyes. She wore a white chima jeogori with violet linings, a lavender durumagi, and a light brown goreum with brown designs which serves like a belt. She puts on a long light turquoise baeja which is tied to a ribbon. Her goreum has a continuation-like cloth which reaches to her feet like her chima and bears a round seal on the bottom part of the cloth. As empress, she wears her hair in a braid and ponytails it with a yongjam on her head with two dragons on each end adorned with silver bead-like strings falling on both directions. After her death, Yoon Yeon Lee steals Ahn Young's yongjam to signify that she is now the empress of the country.


As shown in the prologue, Ahn Young is a selfless and kind mother who let her son and his guardian to escape the burning palace from their assassins. She is the object of jealousy of Yoon Yeon Lee because Ahn Young and her son are rather the focus of attention of the late Emperor Jin Hyul. She maintains her composure and pride even before she drew her last breath from the hands of Baek Yoo Shin.


The Jeogwa Revolution

Queen Ahn Young and Yoon Yeon Lee

Ahn Young and Yoon Yeon Lee face off

One tragic night, Empress Ahn Young entrusts Yi Jeok to her son Yi Hwi to escape the Jin Hee Palace in fire. Shaking in aghast, she is left behind while her son escapes. She parts her last words to her son and sheds some tears.

Yoon Yeon Lee arrives, exclaiming that she will be the only one left in Ga Guk, much to the surprise of Ahn Young. The two have a brief conversation before Yeon Lee orders Baek Yoo Shin to kill Ahn Young, giving Yi Hwi a sense of grief on his mother's death.[1]


  • "Yoon Yeon Lee! Do you truly think that you'll come out of this alive?" (To Yoon Yeon Lee)[1]


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