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Baek Ho is a member of the rebel army until the completion of its primary mission and acted as one of its key members.

History Edit

Baek Ho was quite possibly a member of King Jin Hyul's Bi Yeong Ship Mu, part of the iteration together with Gil Mu Jin and Baek Yoo Shin. He also watched Mu Jin and Yoo Shin back in the day when they trained together.

Jeogwa Revolution Edit

Main article: Jeogwa Revolution

Baek Ho was thought to have died in the Jeogwa Revolution's fire caused by Yoo Ja Gyeom that brought forth the dissolution of Bi Yeong Ship Mu. However, he somehow managed to escape the chaos, similar to Mu Jin.

Sometime later, Baek Ho sided with Crown Prince Yi Jeok and Yi Hwi, who were kept under the care and concealment of Yu Hyang Ru's Wol Young Hwa, the ex-fiancée of Left Minister Seo In Seon Woo. Seon Woo and Young Hwa devised a plan to keep the crown prince safe from Yoon Yeon Lee, the mastermind of the usurpation of the throne. Ultimately, they reluctantly thought of having Hwi act as the crown prince's decoy until they reclaim the throne. Amidst initial protests from Jeok, Hwi accepts the task willingly. As Hwi took the title of crown prince, Baek Ho and Mu Jin were assigned to serve him with loyalty, Young Hwa and her daughter Seol Hwa were to keep the secret, and Jeok was to serve Hwi as his liege.

The Deung Ha Bul Myung rebel army was founded later on, establishing their headquarters in Bi Hwa Rim near the palace itself. He was also possibly one of the heads who supervised and oversaw the physical training of the rebels.

Personality Edit

The Crimson Moon once commented that, for a big man such as him, he gets scared or flustered easily.[1]

Plot Edit

Compact Heist Arc Edit

One night, Baek Ho gathered with Wol Young Hwa, Nabi, Yi Jeok, Gil Mu Jin, and Seo In Seon Woo to talk about retrieving the compact. When Seon Woo tells them of the pros and cons of infiltrating the chief state councilor's residence where the compact is hidden, Baek Ho is shocked at the others' suggestion and conclusion to steal the compact. Having no choice, Baek Ho tells them that he will make the preparations and asks them when the proper time to attack will be. Jeok tells him that night is the best time, and Nabi volunteers to go. He tries to refute along with Mu Jin but agrees after. As Jeok also volunteers, Baek Ho reluctantly yet eagerly volunteers as well.

He ends up being part of the group eventually as ordered by Hwi for everyone to go out. He and Mu Jin are tasked to look for the missing Inspector General, while Hwi and Jeok are to locate and steal the compact. Despite the compact being successfully stolen, Baek Ho and Mu Jin are unable to find the missing person.[2]

Baek Ho later calls for Hwi and reports that the body of the missing Inspector General has been found dead. On the site of discovery, he informs Hwi that the Inspector General knew little about the rebel army. However, he asserts that it will be best if they assume that the contact with the weapons dealers has been discovered.[3]

Chase Arc Edit

Jeok informs Baek Ho and Wol Young Hwa that he and Nabi have encountered Yi Won once again. Wol Young Hwa infers that he is incredibly wealthy but dangerous as well. She orders Baek Ho to investigate Won further and why he keeps on approaching Nabi.[4]

Revolt Procurement Arc Edit

The next day, Baek Ho performs his task on investigating Won. The latter visits Yu Hyang Ru, but decides to walk away after seeing Nabi and Yi Jeok together. Baek Ho asserts that it is good to have him walk to Yu Hyang Ru himself because he does not know where to start finding Won. It is then implied that he continued to tail Yi Won.[5]

26 4

Baek Ho tails Won at the gallery

At the gallery, Baek Ho tails Yi Won after he came from Yu Hyang Ru and rejoices that he can finally know the identity of his target. From behind, Baek Ryung asks him who he is and why he is following him. Baek Ho immediately attacks her and runs away from her. Baek Ryung then gets up and tries to follow him.[6]

Later, Baek Ho is present at a meeting with the other rebel army members. After their meeting, Baek Ho strolls with the left minister and Jeok. He reports to them that Won is not an ordinary person and thinks that he might be the Duke's son.[7]

Rebel Army Suppression: Setting in Motion Edit

As Hwi and Mu Jin continue to plan secretly regarding helping the plague patients, Baek Ho and an angry Jeok infiltrate the room, indicating their knowledge on their secret after Baek Ho tailed Hwi as ordered by Jeok. The latter reprimands Hwi once again for his insistence of helping the patients amidst his warnings, but agrees to help him nonetheless for the last time, planning for a midnight infiltration at the palace to retrieve some medicine for the plague patients.[8]

Rebel Army Suppression: Execution Edit

Baek Ho stops Hwi

Baek Ho tries to stop Hwi from going back to Yu Hyang Ru

As Baek Ho and his team arrive at the palace, they later find out that the medicine is gone. At that point, they also find that Bi Hwa Rim is under fire.[9] As Hwi rushes to Yu Hyang Ru, they immediately secure an escape route for the remaining survivors at the gisaeng house. Later, Hwi asks Baek Ho to take the injured Seol Hwa out of the chaos. Baek Ho tries to stop him from returning to the house, but Hwi nevertheless rushes back to save Young Hwa, only to find her already dead.[10]

Bridal Selection Arc Edit

Few days later at the rebel army's interim headquarters, Baek Ho becomes worried about Seol Hwa, who was become motionless and silent after knowing of her mother's demise. He tells Jeok how he wished for her to let out her feelings. Since Hwi, who is closest to Seol Hwa, is not around, Jeok instead comes up to her and apologizes repeatedly. Afterwards, Seol Hwa weeps out of frustration and hits Jeok unceasingly, all while he continues to apologize.

Baek Ho and Jeok see Nabi

Baek Ho and Jeok spot Nabi in the bridal candidates' procession

Mu Jin barges in and tells them that Hwi has left a letter behind. As Jeok reads the letter, he rushes to find Hwi, while Baek Ho and Mu Jin follow him cluelessly. In reality, Hwi has decided to pose as Nabi, Dan Ah's maidservant, in order to enter the palace for the bridal selection. Jeok becomes furious at himself for not noticing and at Hwi for having to carry all the burden himself. They come across the palanquin near the palace entrance where they spot Nabi in the procession as Dan Ah's companion. Jeok immediately orders Baek Ho to look for that person and Mu Jin to find a way to get into the palace. Baek Ho becomes confused on why Nabi is there and worries for Hwi's safety.[11]

Later, Jeok and Rok Ha renew their alliance that would benefit both their parties, presumably as regents and not as mere business partners. Rok Ha and Nabi later devise a plan to assassinate the king once and for all at a palace banquet, but Nabi ultimately fails to kill Jin Won. Baek Ho and Meng Gyeom later inform Jeok at the Valley of the Kings about the foiled plan. The latter is then left with no choice but to order his men to retreat.[12]

Minister Retrieval Arc Edit

Baek Ho and Mu Jin at the palace

Baek Ho and Mu Jin sneak in the palace

To help Nabi search for Seon Woo, Rok Ha sneaks Baek Ho and Mu Jin in the palace as a cargo from Seo Seo. By midnight, the two slash out their compartment and meet up with the Crimson Moon.[13]

Baek Ho and the Crimson Moon search for Seon Woo throughout the palace, but to no avail. Baek Ho remarks how they had hidden him without a trace, at which the Crimson Moon realizes that he may be hidden in the heart of the palace where he could be guarded with utmost safety and secrecy. Later, as the Crimson Moon locates Seon Woo in the king's chambers, Jin Won himself and his Bi Yeong Pal Mu guards corner him. Baek Ho and Mu Jin later arrive as backup and thwart a handful of soldiers. As Heuk Rang is ordered to take them on, Mu Jin releases a smoke bomb, allowing them to escape in a secret underground passage.

56 2

The three escape through the canal

Mu Jin explains the origins of the secret tunnel, but he also tells them of two problems in their escape route: one, Heuk Rang knows of the secret tunnel, and second, the passage has no exit due to its incomplete construction.[14] As Mu Jin finds the access switch for the canal to flood the tunnel, the Crimson Moon deflects the arrows being fired at them by Heuk Rang and his men. At that point, Mu Jin punctures through the wall that forces water from the canal above to flush out the soldiers. They swim through the canal and escape.

However, they are immediately found by the guards after turning lights are turned on. Mu Jin, the Crimson Moon, and Baek Ho each carry a dummy of Seon Woo to confuse the rebels. The Crimson Moon reiterates their escape plan to lose the soldiers and meet at the North Gate strictly by five o'clock in the morning regardless whether all have returned or not. As he wishes them all for their success, the three split up.[15]

Baek Ho and Mu Jin are able to reach the North Gate on time. Though their plan was to leave by five o'clock, the two alongside Jeok and Rok Ha wait for Hwi at the rendezvous point until seven in the morning. Rok Ha asks Jeok what to do, since Gyeom shall leave the palace soon and Hwi seems to have been unable to escape on time. With a blank expression, Jeok entrusts the matter to Rok Ha in the end.[16]

Persecution Arc Edit

Sometime later, Baek Ho, Jeok, and Mu Jin are informed that Nabi has surrendered herself as the one who murdered the baby prince. Baek Ho worries that they might have to delay or change their plans for the revolt, but Jeok instructs them that everything must proceed as planned, more so if it is Hwi's order.[17]

Crimson Moon Rebellion Edit

As the rebel army's revolt commences, Baek Ho regroups with Seol Hwa, and they are instructed by Hwi to look after Dan Ah as they are to escape the palace during the revolt. However, shortly after Hwi sets out to find the king, Baek Ho and Seol Hwa find that Dan Ah has gone missing.[18]


  • "World's most beautiful—?! One's a man and the other is an ahjumma." (Referring to Nabi and Wol Young Hwa, respectively)[2]

Trivia Edit

  • Members of Bi Yeong Pal Mu, the succeeding royal guard after Bi Yeong Ship Mu, are highly hinted to have used aliases instead of their real names. Notably, the king's guard used an adjectival color (e.g. baek for "white") and an identifier (e.g. ju for "pearl", lin for "poison", sa for "snake", etc.) to form their alias. It is unknown whether this was a takeaway from Bi Yeong Ship Mu; if this was the case, basing it on the naming pattern of the members of Jin Won's royal guard, Baek Ho might be an alias rather than his real name. This, however, was never confirmed.


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