Bi Hwa Rim

A view of Bi Hwa Rim

Bi Hwa Rim (비화림, lit. "Flower Rain Forest") is an area that is restricted for the pleasure of the Royal Family of Ga Guk. It is a mountain range beyond the northern doors (Hyun Moo Gate) of Jin Hee Palace that encompasses Hyang Ju. There, flowers bloom all year round and a clear waterfall runs through a beautiful ravine. The name "Bi Hwa Rim" was given by the commoners due to the constant rainfall of flower petals throughout the year. Its official title is the Royal Family Ravine.[1]

Overview Edit

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Dan Ah and Hwi meet at Bi Hwa Rim

Bi Hwa Rim is a vital element in the plot of the series, where Yoo Dan Ah first met Yi Hwi ten years prior the main timeline. After finding a famed plant with red fruit hanging from it in the place to give her ailing mother, the young Hwi encountered Dan Ah and carried her out while singing the Butterfly lullaby.[1][2]

Throughout the series, Yi Won also occasionally visited the place, where he once encountered Dan Ah. After Won sang the same lullaby Hwi sang to her ten years ago, Dan Ah believed Won to be the boy she met at Bi Hwa Rim,[3] fueling the story's plot in trying to make Won "remember" her as the girl from ten years ago.

Rebel Army Headquarters Edit

Deung Ha Bul Myung HQ

The rebel army's headquarters

After the Jeogwa Revolution, the Royal Family has forgotten about Bi Hwa Rim. The established rebel army, Deung Ha Bul Myung, utilized this area as their headquarters. Aside from the rebels themselves, it is implied that their families also resided in the headquarters. Bi Hwa Rim also served as their training grounds for their supposed revolt.[3]

Destruction Edit

Bi Hwa Rim in flames

Bi Hwa Rim in flames

During the 11th year of King Jin Won's reign, he issued a decree ordering the eradication of the rebel army. As a result, Deung Ha Bul Myung's headquarters at Bi Hwa Rim, jointly with the rebel army's center of finance and contact Yu Hyang Ru, were razed to the ground and completely destroyed by Bi Yeong Pal Mu. Rebels were either captured or killed if they resisted the royal guard. This joint operation led to the rebel army's complete defeat three days prior to their planned revolt.[4]

After Bi Hwa Rim's destruction, the remaining members of the rebel army established an interim headquarters somewhere else to resume their planning for a counterattack revolt.

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