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This article is about the song. For the character of the same name, see Nabi. For other uses, see Butterfly (Disambiguation).

Hwi sings the lullaby to Dan Ah

"Butterfly" (나비, Nabi) is a lullaby that is known by most members of the Royal Family of Ga Guk. This is the song which Yi Hwi sang to Yoo Dan Ah when they were still children to calm her down, since he mentioned that there were "ghosts" in Bi Hwa Rim.[1] Ten years later, Yi Won also sang this rare lullaby to Dan Ah, which made her think that the boy she met was Won.[2] Dan Ah occasionally sang the lullaby, notably by herself[3] and lulling Hyun Bin's baby prince to make him smile.[4][5] Moreover, at the onset of the rebel army revolt, Hwi sang the lullaby once again while carrying a partially unconscious Dan Ah out her quarters. Unbeknownst to him, Dan Ah heard him sing the lullaby, and, along with the hidden painting that depicted their encounter ten years ago, she was able to piece the hints together to figure out that Hwi was actually the boy she had met at Bi Hwa Rim.[6]


Butterfly, butterfly
Come flutter over here.
Towards my heart, which moves for thee
Let thy fragrance be delivered to me.

Once, when the skies are filled with crimson rays,
Once, when the moon rises at the Perennial River,
Butterfly, butterfly, lay your lips upon me as I sleep.

Once, when you're yearning and close to tears,
Once, when you're about to smile from happiness,
Butterfly, butterfly, sit on the tips of my fingers.

I will turn your fears
Into the wind and cast them into the air
The place where you can find rest is in my arms.

And the place where I find rest is only with you.

나비야, 나비야
이리 날아오너라.
나의 마음을 그에게 옮겨주고
그의 향을 나여겨 전해다오.

천공이 적 빛으로 물들 때 한번,
회귀천에 달이 차 오를 때 한번,
나비야 나비야 나의 손 끝에 앉아라.

그리워 눈물이 날 것 같을 때 한번,
즐거워 웃음이 날 것 같을 때 한번,
나비야 나비야 나의 손 끝에 앉아라.

그대의 두려움은
나 바람되어 허공에 뿌리니
그대의 쉴 곳은 내 품이어라.

내 쉴 곳도 그대뿐이어라.

Nabiya, nabiya
Iri naraoneora.
Naui maeumeul geuege omgyeojugo
Geuui hyangeul nayeogyeo jeonhaedao.

Cheongongi jeong bicheuro muldeul ttae hanbeon,
Hoe Gwi Cheon-e dari cha oreul ttae hanbeon,
Nabiya nabiya naui son kkeute anjara.

Geuriwo nunmuri nal geon gateul ttae hanbeon,
Jeulgeowo useumi nal geon gateul ttae hanbeon,
Nabiya nabiya naui son kkeute anjara.

Geudaeui duryeoumeun
Na baramdoeeo heogonge ppurini
Geudaeui swil goseun nae pumieora.

Nae swil gotdo geudaeppunieora.


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