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Fuseki (포석, Poseok) is chapter 31 of the Twelve Nights webtoon.


As Nabi goes back to Yu Hyang Ru from Yoo Ja Gyeom's residence, she is followed by Rok Ha. He informs her of a rumor that the Crimson Moon appeared at Moon's End Village and stirred the villagers to rebellion.

At the palace, Heuk Rang interrogates Ji Ryeon about the night when the king was attacked, particularly saying that he once had a former comrade with a signature style of swordsmanship that is identically inflicted on the assassins' bodies. Knowing that he cannot admit Jang Rei's connection to the plot, Ji Ryeon says he received the help of the Crimson Moon that night. Heuk Rang hypothesizes that his old comrade may be the one who has taught the Crimson Moon his unique swordsmanship. Ji Ryeon also tips Heuk Rang that the Crimson Moon received a large wound on his back that night.

In the market streets, Chung and Woon notice a wanted sign with a million nyang's worth of bounty for a man with a large scar on his back.



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