Three Floating Lanterns (셋이 띄운 연등, Sesi Ttuiun Yeondeung) is chapter 41 of the Twelve Nights webtoon.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Won and Dan Ah arrive at Bi Hwa Rim as part of her request before she enters the palace. She floats a lotus lantern with him, a famous legend that would entail the bond of two people who float a lantern at Bi Hwa Rim to intertwine through time, similar to how the lantern circles around the stream. As a final request, she asks Won whether he would agree to elope with her, but she takes it back as a joke. Won laughs at it, but he agrees to do it with her, knowing that this would take a toll on his mother and the chief state councilor.

Hong, also at Bi Hwa Rim, finishes his painting for Won and notices a lotus lantern stuck behind the rocks. As he lets it float continuously, Dan Ah greets him and notices the lantern that she and Won floated. She tells them that, since that the lantern has been floated by the three of them, they shall all meet again even after being separated. From a distance, Baek Sa tails them and finds suspicion among the three of them.

At Yu Hyang Ru, Seon Woo and Jeok prepare for the supposed attack of the royal forces, but the needed cannon still cannot be procured. Wol Young Hwa suggests selling Yu Hyang Ru to procure it.

The next day at the palace, Hyun Bin and Won have some tea. As Ja Gyeom arrives, Hyun Bin and the chief state councilor have a brief heated exchange of words. Meanwhile, Ji Ryeon informs Rei of Rok Ha's whereabouts. As they go to the inn he is staying at, Rok Ha welcomes his aunt.

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