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This article is about the song. For the character of the same name, see Crimson Moon. For other uses, see Crimson Moon (Disambiguation).

People caught singing the song were executed on the spot, regardless of rank or status

"Crimson Moon" is a song that is sung by those who believe and admire in the masked vigilante, the Crimson Moon. The Royal Family of Ga Guk, particularly Yoon Yeon Lee, despised this song due to its hidden meaning that show the support for the supposedly deceased crown prince Jin Yeon and the underlying message against the Royal Family. As such, she ordered summary execution for those who sang the song regardless of their rank or status. King Jin Won also once sang the song nonchalantly. Nevertheless, upon ordering a palace servant to sing the song, he slays her himself, thinking that she still should not have sang the offensive song.[1] Sori also knows the song, singing it once with Woon who greatly admires the Crimson Moon. He later cuts his singing short after seeing a patient in the clinic and fears that they might have heard him sing the infamous song.[2]


On the night when the blue tiles were stained red
The skies lost their light

The fractured moonlight casts its light on tired faces
And sorrowful hearts are stained blood-red

The Perennial River fills up during the long night
And we wait for the blue tiles to turn crimson as the moon rises

When the crimson moon rises
The clear blades of grass bask in joy

When the sun rises
The yearning blades of grass immerse in sorrow

Moon, moon, rise
Crimson Moon, rise.

청기와 붉게 물든 밤
하늘은 빛을 잃었네

고단한 면면에 부서진 달빛이 반짝반짝
서글픈 심심에 차오른 핏빛이 반짝반짝

긴긴밤 방울방울 회귀천에 차올라
다시금 청기와 붉게 물들일 월출만 기다리네

붉은 달이 떠오르면
말간 풀잎에 기쁨이 어리고

태양이 떠오르면
애달은 풀잎에 슬픔이 어리네

달아 달아 솟아라
붉아 달아 솟아라.

Cheonggiwa bukge muldeun bam
Haneureun bicheul ireonne

Godanhan myeonmyeone buseojin dalbichi banjjakbanjjak
Seogeulpeun simsime chaoreun pitbichi banjjakbanjjak

Ginginbam bangulbangul Hoe Gwi Cheon-e chaolla
Dasigeum cheonggiwa bukge muldeuril wolchulman gidarine

Bulgeun dari tteooreumyeon
Malgan puripe gippeumi eorigo

Taeyangi tteooreumyeon
Aedareun puripe seulpeumi eorine

Dara dara sosara
Bulga dara sosara.


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