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Crimson Moon is the title of a song that is sung by those who believe and admire in Crimson Moon. The Imperial Family of Ga Guk, particularly Yoon Yeon Lee, despise this song and ordered summary execution for those who sing this song.


On the night
When the blue tiles were stained red,
The skies lost their light.

The fractured moonlight casts its light
On tired faces,
And sorrowful hearts
Are stained blood-red.

The Ha Gwi Cheon fills up
Drop by drop during the long night,
And we wait for the blue tiles
To turn crimson as the moon rises.

When the crimson moon rises,
The clear blades of grass bask in joy.

When the sun rises,
The yearning blades of grass immerse in sorrow.

Moon, moon, rise
Crimson moon, rise.

때 블루 타일이 빨간색 염색,
하늘은 빛을 잃었다.

골절 달빛은 빛을 캐스팅
피곤 얼굴에,
그리고 슬픈 마음
혈액 붉은 염색.

하 GWI 천상는 채워
긴 밤 동안 드롭 들러,
그리고 우리는 블루 타일 기다립니다
달이 상승 진홍색을 돌립니다.

때 진홍의 달이 상승,
잔디의 맑은 날은 기쁨을 느끼고.

때 태양이 상승,
잔디의 열망 블레이드는 슬픔에 젖어.

달, 달, 상승
크림슨 달 상승.

ttae beullu tail i ppalgansaeg yeomsaeg,
haneul eun bich-eul ilh-eossda.

goljeol dalbich eun bich eul kaeseuting
pigon eolgul-e,
geuligo seulpeun ma-eum
hyeol-aeg bulg-eun yeomsaeg.

ha gwi cheonsang neun chaewo
gin bam dong-an deulob deulleo,
geuligo ulineun beullu tail gidalibnida
dal-i sangseung jinhongsaeg eul dollibnida.

ttae jinhong-ui dal-i sangseung,
jandiui malg-eun nal eun gippeum-eul neukkigo.

ttae taeyang-i sangseung,
jandi ui yeolmang beulleideuneun seulpeum e jeoj-eo.

dal, dal, sangseung
keulimseun dal sangseung.

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