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Deung Ha Bul Myung's flag

Deung Ha Bul Myung (등하불명, lit. "The Base of the Lantern is Dark") was a rebel army established by Yi Hwi and Yi Jeok with the primary objective of reclaiming the throne of Ga Guk after the coup d'etat ten years ago. Aside from its main goal, the group also served as a vigilante organization against the tyrannical government of King Jin Won and aided the marginalized sector throughout Ga Guk by providing them services and basic necessities and even assassinating corrupt officials who oppressed the people with their selfish schemes.


During the Jeogwa Revolution at the Jin Hee Palace, the cast away crown prince Yi Jeok and Yi Hwi were adopted by Wol Young Hwa under the instructions of their mentor, Seo In Seon Woo. To avoid detection from enemies looking for the crown prince, Seon Woo devised a plan that would lay the groundwork for the rebel army's foundation. Hwi would act as the crown prince, while Jeok would be his servant until their successful reclamation of the throne. Gil Mu Jin and Baek Ho were to serve Hwi, and Young Hwa and her daughter Seol Hwa were to keep the secret among themselves.


Deung Ha Bul Myung headquarters in Bi Hwa Rim

Ten years later, Hwi became the leader and Jeok as the co-leader of Deung Ha Bul Myung, which they established at Bi Hwa Rim, deep within the forests of Ga Guk located in close proximity to the palace. Moreover, Hwi often disguised himself as a young gisaeng named Nabi and Jeok performed as a musician at Yu Hyang Ru, owned by Wol Young Hwa. The gisaeng house also became the center of finance and contact of the rebel army.

During missions, Hwi took up the mantle of the red-masked vigilante, the Crimson Moon, personally carrying out physical endeavors such as acquiring weapons, disseminating services to the impoverished people, and even executing enemies to their cause, who were typically corrupt officials in the monarchy. His members also put on such masks that become a symbol admired and supported by people they had helped along the way.

Rebel Army Suppression[]

Bi Hwa Rim in ruins

Sometime during the reign of King Jin Won, he ordered the eradication of the rebel army. This resulted in a simultaneous ambush on Bi Hwa Rim and Yu Hyang Ru by Bi Yeong Pal Mu only three days prior their planned revolt at the palace. After the attacks, 189 were killed, including Yu Hyang Ru's owner Wol Young Hwa. Five hundred surrendered or were arrested,[1] including their palace insider, the left minister Seon Woo, who was branded as a spy by Chief State Councilor Yoo Ja Gyeom[2] and tortured to acquire intel about the whereabouts of Jin Yeon. With almost nothing left to start anew, the rebel army was defeated and greatly immobilized.

After some time, less than a hundred survivors re-established the rebel army, albeit with scant resources. Although unknown as to where it was located, the key members of the rebel army, including Jeok, Mu Jin, and Baek Ho set up a provisional headquarters to continue their plans of pushing the revolt. Seol Hwa also entered the palace in the midst of the Samgantaek to act as an internal support for Nabi. For a time, the Western Nak Cheon Company ended its alliance with the rebel army, but Jeok later remade this alliance with the company's leader and Seo Seo's crown prince, Jang Rok Ha.

Crimson Moon Rebellion[]

With sufficient resources, manpower, support, and planning, the rebel army carried out their final stand against the government in the palace. They have slain pivotal enemies, including Yoo Ja Gyeom, Yoon Yeon Lee, and Baek Yoo Shin, who masterminded the Jeogwa Revolution. At the climax of the rebellion, Hwi killed King Jin Won, though with the price of knowing the truths of Hwi being Hong, his friend; and being Nabi, his unrequited beloved.

With the success of the rebel army, Crown Prince Jeok becomes king

Subsequently, various wounds were inflicted on Hwi, both physical and emotional, that took quite a toll on him. Yoo Dan Ah, who Hwi was supposedly planning on bringing out of the palace from the rebellion, also suffered intense wounds and a harsh trauma that caused her to be crippled and amnesiac. Moreover, with the death of the king, the rebel army succeeded in its mission of reclaiming the throne. Crown Prince Jeok was coronated as King Jin Jeok, the 14th King of Ga Guk. Bi Yeong Ship Mu was also presumed to be reinstated with Mu Jin as its captain, and Seon Woo was assumed to be appointed as King Jin Jeok's chief state councilor.

Known Members[]


Jeok and Rok Ha in an alliance

As the rebel army geared towards their goal, the rebel army had expanded their scope, placing members deep within the palace and assigning spies to gather intel from the commonfolk as clandestine as possible.

Furthermore, the rebel army notably made close ties with Seo Seo's Western Nak Cheon Company headed by Jang Rok Ha. The company provided weapons necessary as well as supplementary products and manpower needed for the rebel army's missions.

Moreover, in close contact with the rebel army were physician Ma Mi Song and his assistant Sori. Since the physician took in patients regardless of their status or class, he proved to be instrumental in treating the rebels without compromising their identities to authorities.

Known Affiliates[]


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