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The First Prince of Seo Seo is the eldest son of King Jang Ryun and his queen consort. After Jang Ryun's death, he ascended to the throne as the 33rd King of Seo Seo with his son, Crown Prince Rok Ha, as his heir apparent.


When he was younger, he had shaggy long hair typically tied in a sangtu, sharp dark eyes, and prominent tear-troughs. He also had a very faint facial hair akin to a goatee. When he succeeded King Jang Ryun to the throne, he wore the myeonryugwan.


Like his sisters, he is slow-witted and greedy unlike his half-sister Rei, who is exceptionally intelligent. He is also straightforward with his thoughts and feelings to the point of using physical force to express his emotions, such as slapping Rei and blurting out that he shall become king after their father no matter how many times she complained to him (though Rei would actually keep her mouth shut regarding their pranks and humiliations).[1][2]


The prince with his sisters

As the firstborn son of King Jang Ryun and the queen, he became the crown prince of Seo Seo. However, when his father returned from a year-long inspection of the country with a commoner named Yeong Bi, his position was threatened lest the latter would give birth to a male son and become the crown prince favoured by his father. As this did not happen, his title as crown prince was secured.

Together with his sisters, the First Prince would belittle and bully his half-sister Jang Rei, the daughter of Yeong Bi. The king favoured the youngest the most due to her brilliant wit and intelligence, earning the jealousy of the First Prince and his siblings. Amidst this treatment, the prince also prohibited Rei to meet with his son Rok Ha, but the latter befriended Rei.[1] Whenever he caught Rok Ha with Rei, he would frequently accuse Rei of beguiling his son with her looks, similar to how her mother "bewitched" their father. He continuously threatened Rei that he shall become king even if their father favoured her over him and his siblings.

Following his father's death, the First Prince succeeded him and became king of Seo Seo. He found out about his father's will of having Rei inherit at least one-third of Seo Seo, much to his anger. His sister suggested getting rid of Rei and her mother, as she had already begun poisoning her tea gradually. As soon as Yeong Bi died, he sent Rok Ha abroad to study, leaving Rei with no ally nor friend.[2]

During his reign, he continued the Ga GukSeo Seo peace treaty started by his father and King Jin Hyul. At some point, his health deteriorated, causing Rok Ha to persistently persuade him to step down from the throne. Eventually, he finally abdicated, with Rok Ha set to be coronated as the next ruler of Seo Seo.[1]


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