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Don't worry, Baek Hwa. You're not alone. I, your brother, will protect you.

–To Sa Baek Hwa

Hyun is the older brother of Sa Baek Hwa and the eldest child of Sa Hwa Hyeon.[1]


Hyun is the son of Minister Sa Hwa Hyeon and the older brother of Sa Baek Hwa. His father was arrested by Yi Ha under the orders of King Jin Hyul for committing treason. He, along with his mother and sister, was imprisoned after his father's death. While imprisoned, his mother committed suicide by hanging herself. Thereafter, he and Baek Hwa were transferred to a prison in the streets where people jeered at them, calling them traitors. He then pledged to protect Baek Hwa until they are set free and prove their father's innocence. They were later set free, hoping to receive full pardon in ten years' time. Within those times, he and her sister gathered as much information as they need as evidence to prove their father's innocence.

One night, Yi Sae Gi attacked Baek Hwa, and Hyun is stabbed by Sae Gi while protecting his sister. In return to spare their lives, Hyun stabbed his own sister in order to escape her fate. He was able to survive his stab, disposing of Baek Hwa's body as a way of "protecting" her from Sae Gi. [2]


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