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I'm starting to tire of cold, clever women like you.

–To Nabi

Jang Rok Ha is the Crown Prince of Seo Seo and the leader of the Western Nak Cheon Company. Following the abdication of his father as king, Rok Ha is set to be coronated as the latest monarch of Seo Seo.

Rok Ha is a close friend of his aunt Jang Rei in their youth, but their relationship has dulled over the years, especially after Rei emigrated to and considered Ga Guk to be her newfound home rather than Seo Seo. Nevertheless, he has continually chased Rei, believing that he can provide her with the love and appreciation she deserves over King Jin Won's rather careless and ignorant treatment towards her.


Rok Ha shows his future plan for Seo Seo to Rei

Rok Ha is the son of the First Prince of Seo Seo, who is the only son of King Jang Ryun. As a child, he had a rather close friendship with his similarly aged aunt, Rei. While he was aware of the various pranks and bullying her half-siblings did towards her, Rok Ha befriended Rei and widely considered her to be a prodigy and genius that Seo Seo needed.[1] In their youth, he often planned Seo Seo's future when he would become king together with Rei, whom he later became attached to, possibly to the point of regarding her as a potential spouse.[2]

After his father ascended to the throne following King Jang Ryun's death, Rok Ha was sent abroad for his education for at least three years, though he told Rei that he would do his best to finish it in one year. Rei's mother, Yeong Bi, was slowly poisoned to death by the First Princess, until she died and left Rei orphaned. Unbeknownst to Rok Ha, Rei had enough of her burdensome life in Seo Seo. At that time, her newly-coronated friend King Jin Won of Ga Guk met her once again after an encounter some time ago. As they played rock-paper-scissors over a bet, Rei won and asked Jin Won to take her out of Seo Seo as her prize for winning.

As seasons passed, Rok Ha presumably returned to Seo Seo, but Ga Guk had then requested for Rei to become a royal consort for King Jin Won. Though Rei was completely fine with it, Rok Ha strongly disagreed to it, as he claimed that Rei would be nothing but a political hostage to them. Amidst his protests, however, he was not able to do anything about her emigration to Ga Guk and her entrance to the palace.[3]

Since then, it is assumed that Rok Ha had harbored a relatively spiteful image towards Ga Guk, taking years for him to plan his plot of stirring the country into civil war in an attempt to bring Rei back to Seo Seo with him.


Revolt Procurement Arc[]

In Yu Hyang Ru, Rok Ha acts as Meng Gyeom's servant while they deliver the weapons from Seo Seo to the rebel army represented by Yi Jeok and Nabi. Rok Ha is served tea by Nabi first rather than his master Gyeom. Because of Nabi's unpredictable act, Rok Ha advises his servant Gyeom that Jeok and Nabi should not be underestimated.[4]

Plague Arc[]

Rok Ha as the fake Crimson Moon

At the height of the plague at Moon's End Village, the ill people seek help from Physician Kim, the only doctor in the place. As they approach his empty clinic, an infected servant tells them that the physician came to the capital to find the cure for the plague, but failed to do so. As a result, the physician ran away knowing that he cannot do anything about this. Saying his last words, the servant succumbs to his death, making the people run away scared. During the ruckus, the Crimson Moon appears to the people and arms them with swords, inciting a rebellion. He also promises to "illuminate their path" as a sign of resistance to the Royal Family who does not do anything to stop the plague or to make a cure for it. In the woods, Rok Ha unmasks himself as the fake Crimson Moon and meets his servant Gyeom before leaving the plague-torn land.[5]

After his appearance as the "Crimson Moon", Rok Ha trails Nabi in the middle of the night, but he is immediately caught by the gisaeng. He claims to be just curious and worried as to where she might be heading unaccompanied late at night. She assures him that she is being accompanied and tells him that Yu Hyang Ru is not far away. Because that is his destination as well, Rok Ha invites them to go together, since he wants to consult about the rumor of the Crimson Moon arming the villagers of Moon's End Village. Alerted, Nabi tells him that she shall relay the information to Jeok. As they leave, Gyeom asks whether they will "take the bait"; Rok Ha confidently assures him they will surely do so.[6]

While laying low, Gyeom informs Rok Ha that their real target—King Jin Won—has appeared at Moon's End Village where they are staying. Though appearing aloof, Rok Ha sets out with Gyeom, and they see the red-haired man almost unaccompanied. Gyeom further informs him that the king has come to the village to meet a woman. Intrigued, they go someplace to meet her.

Rok Ha and Gyeom visit "Nabi"

As they arrive at the location, they are greeted by a woman. Based from the red lantern hung from the eaves, the lady's tacky and risqué dress, and her cheap and musky perfume, Rok Ha infers the woman to be a prostitute, fueling his confusion whether the king really went to a faraway place just to meet such woman. They offer her ten nyang and question her about Jin Won's recent visit, but she claims that he left at once after she told him that her alias is "Nabi".[2]

Patching the hints altogether, Rok Ha assumed that Jin Won wanted to visit another Nabi, someone Rok Ha and Gyeom know. Taking this knowledge to his advantage, he and Gyeom devise a plan to lure the king to his death. That night, while Won is at the clinic, Gyeom dresses as Nabi and subtly lures Won. He sets out and chases after her until they reach the edge of a cliff. As Won reaches out to the hooded figure, he sees her wearing the Crimson Moon mask, and she pushes him off the cliff. Yoo Dan Ah, who followed Won to the cliff, tries to save him, but she ends up falling with him as well.

Rok Ha complements Gyeom for successfully accomplishing their task. Gyeom asks him whether he should check on the two who fell down, but Rok Ha tells him that she is collateral damage and that Ga Guk shall nonetheless be embroiled in civil war whether he died from his fall or not.[7]

Rebel Army Suppression: Setting in Motion[]

After the incident at Moon's End Village, Rok Ha stays at an inn, where Rok Ha hears some magpies crying and senses that a guest is coming.[8] His inference is later proven correct, as he warmly welcomes his aunt Rei as his visitor.[9] Rei angrily accuses Rok Ha of plotting to plunge Jin Won to his death, to which Rok Ha replies that it shall result to war, an event that he anticipates. He reasons out that he merely wishes to regain Seo Seo's lost dignity even if it means engaging a war with Ga Guk, who has since belittled Seo Seo in spite of a peace treaty.

Rok Ha asks Rei how she knew that he was behind the plot on Jin Won. Rei tells him about the red letter and the dream flower she sensed on the king's garb, earning Rok Ha's admiration yet again towards her. He informs her that his father has agreed to abdicate, making Rok Ha next in line to the throne. He also tells her his reasons for heading to Ga Guk personally, namely to stir the country to civil war and to ask Rei to return with him to Seo Seo. She declines his offer, claiming that Ga Guk will forever be her home.

Rok Ha calls Gyeom as Rei is due for pregnancy

Filled with disbelief, Rok Ha informs her that her inherited land is forfeited, and he continues to pressure her into going back with him to Seo Seo. Under intense tension coupled with the fact that she is nearing her due date, Rei's water breaks. Rok Ha calls for Gyeom to fetch the midwife, but Rei tells Ji Ryeon for them to head back to the palace. She then bids Rok Ha goodbye.[10]

Rebel Army Suppression: Execution[]

Gyeom and Rok Ha watch Yu Hyang Ru burn down in flames

Rok Ha and Gyeom arrive at Yu Hyang Ru supposedly for a business deal with Jeok and Nabi. However, as Bi Yeong Pal Mu arrive and raze the gisaeng house to the ground, they watch it burn from afar.

As Gyeom remarks how the rebel army has suffered quite some damage and total annihilation, Rok Ha cancels their deal as of that day, after which they leave the ensuing chaos.[11]

Bridal Selection Arc[]

Jeok offers Rok Ha a deal

Following the defeat of the rebel army few days later, Jeok meets with Rok Ha, who has found out about his real identity as the crown prince of Seo Seo. As Jeok acknowledges Rok Ha using his royal title, Jeok then opens a deal with him that would be mutually beneficial for both their parties.[12]

The next day, he visits Nabi at the palace and tells her about his and Jeok's meeting the previous night. Initially adamant at him, Nabi remains steadfast in her cover, avoiding for her cover to be blown. However, Rok Ha shows her Young Hwa's knife from ten years ago, proof that Jeok has put his trust in the crown prince of Seo Seo. They then plan to attend the palace banquet that night, with Nabi set to have a performance meant to attract the king. At that point that the king is to approach her, she is given one chance to kill King Jin Won.[13] He adds that they shall place a subordinate within the palace whom Nabi can immediately recognize and trust.[14]

By nighttime, Rok Ha approaches Queen Mother Yoon Yeon Lee and jeeringly tells her how dull and idle the banquet has turned. As the Queen Mother tries to disregard the insult, he asks for her permission to allow him to bring out some entertainment, which turns out to be a shadow dance performance. Before she could answer, King Jin Won arrives and allows the performance. As the king passes by him, Rok Ha senses that he reeks of alcohol. Nabi then performs the famed shadow dance and, as per their prediction, the king approaches her from behind, thereby giving her a chance to kill the monarch.[13]

However, Nabi is unable to kill King Jin Won, while the latter collapses out of intoxication. The banquet is shaken, and palace servants and guards rush to the king. During the commotion, Rok Ha immediately instructs Nabi to flee for her safety and abandon the plan.[15]

Rok Ha cautions Rei when speaking of her forfeited inherited land

After the banquet incident, Rok Ha visits Rei and her twins at her chambers. She inquires about the dancer he brought the night before and how he apparently used her to capture the attention of the king, but Rok Ha merely dodges her questions. In the end, Rei asks him if his concern is her inherited land that he has already taken. Rok Ha asks her to speak with utmost care, lest news of her land's forfeiture may spread and affect her standing in Ga Guk and the bridal selection.

Nevertheless, he praises her tenacity, rising up the ranks of even becoming a bridal candidate amidst the Queen Mother's disapproval. Hence, he advises her to make her decisions with utmost caution, since she now has more to lose. Rei asks him until when he plans to stay in Ga Guk, to which he replies until the royal wedding. He still insists on having her return to Seo Seo with him, but, in the meantime, he promises to keep his silence in exchange for a favor from her.[16]

After some time, Rok Ha and Jeok meet once again to devise a new plan, which involves a hinted infiltration at the palace.[17] Later, Rok Ha organizes a merchant sale near Hyun Bin's quarters for her maidservants and meets with Nabi. He voices out his relief to her during the foiled assassination attempt on the king. He then grabs her towards the merchant table, where Jeok greets her as a disguised merchant.[18]

Minister Retrieval Arc[]

Rok Ha and Nabi discuss their plan to retrieve Seon Woo

After planning their mission to retrieve their mentor, Jeok and Nabi part ways. Jeok gestures to Gyeom to conclude the merchant sale and leave the palace, after which Rok Ha approaches Nabi. He asks her what she would do despite her intentions to leave the palace, but she tells him that she would stay after realizing that their mentor might be in the palace. As Rok Ha and Jeok expected, he informs her of slipping two of their group to the palace to aid in finding the ex-minister. Afterwards, he hands Nabi some perfume as he promised her before, but King Jin Won fires an arrow from afar and shatters the perfume out of anger. In a fit of repressed panic, Rok Ha recommends Nabi to seduce the king, but she merely ignores him.[19]

Though their plan was to leave by five o'clock, Rok Ha, Jeok, and the others waited for Hwi at the North Gate until seven in the morning after rescuing Seon Woo. Rok Ha asks Jeok what to do, since Gyeom shall leave the palace soon and Hwi seems to have been unable to escape on time. With a blank expression, Jeok entrusts the matter to Rok Ha.[20]

Persecution Arc[]

On the day of the supposed announcement of the bridal statement, Rei strolls with Rok Ha and asks her to give her back at least half of her territory. She is fine even with the land income and ownership to belong to Rok Ha as long as her name is on the land deed. Rok Ha wonders about her sudden change of heart, to which Rei thinks that the king and the queen mother have found out about her territory being revoked, which worries her for the following repercussions. In essence, Rei needs power to protect her and her children, regardless if she is chosen as the royal bride or not.

Rok Ha cushions Rei's collapse

At that moment, Ji Ryeon and a servant rush towards her and inform her of a grave news. As they return to her quarters, Rei comes across her dead baby prince. She trembles in fear and gloom, causing her to lose consciousness and collapse, with Rok Ha cushioning her fall.[21]

Sometime later, Rok Ha heads out of the palace following the recent tragedies. Eventually, he is allowed entry to the palace a few days after the baby prince's death. As he meets with Jeok, he learns about the incident that involved Hyun Bin, bringing in loads of weapons and demanding the rebel army to revolt right away. In the end, he calms down after his rage.[22]

Seol Hwa informs Rok Ha of Nabi's confession and arrest

Following Nabi's surrender, Seol Hwa informs Rok Ha about Nabi's confession that led to her arrest. Rok Ha chides Nabi for acting recklessly and plans to ask Jeok to revise their plan, but Seol Hwa assures him that everything is according to Nabi's plans, hence having no reason to delay their revolt any further. Moreover, as the one who shall light the fuse, Seol Hwa promises him that she shall not fail her task as vengeance for her mother. Rok Ha leaves with Gyeom right away to inform Jeok about the news.[23]

Nabi is later released from imprisonment after Hwang Se Hyung and Hwang Se Ryeon were executed for being proven guilty of orchestrating the baby prince's murder. Moreover, Jeok meets with Rok Ha and Gyeom that night for the rebel army's upcoming revolt. He admits being apprehensive that Rok Ha would not be able to offer them their needs at such short notice, which the Seo Seo crown prince chides him for. Rok Ha reminds Jeok of their deal: should their revolt succeed, Seo Seo and Ga Guk shall enter a new peace treaty, and Jeok is to hand over Hyun Bin and her daughter to Rok Ha unharmed. The latter then wishes for the success of the rebel army's successful revolt.

Crimson Moon Rebellion[]

Rok Ha together with Rei and her daughter in a carriage

The rebel troops tie some straws on bulls' tails and place a red cloth at their backs, after which the straws are lit on fire. As the bulls go on a rampage throughout the village and palace grounds, Gyeom finally sees the famed fire bull strategy in action. Rok Ha adds how the rebels did not tie swords onto the bulls' tails in order not to harm the innocent civilians.[24] In the epilogue, with the successful revolt of the rebel army, Jeok ascends to the throne. Following the death of Jin Won, Rei and her baby princess are seen in a carriage with Rok Ha, possibly traveling to Seo Seo, though their fates remain unknown.[25]

Creation and Conception[]

Rok Ha's early design

Muryu illustrated and designed Rok Ha however she wanted to. After Rok Ha's initial design, she thought that he resembled Yi Won too much. Thus, she decided to modify his character design before ending up with Rok Ha's final design and appearance. Moreover, while discussing about Yi Hwi's "pretty" design even during conception, Muryu said that she "felt bad for Rok Ha", possibly with her final design for him.[26]


  • (To Gyeom) "Feminine wiles can be a formidable trap."[4]
  • (As the Crimson Moon) "The age of the sun's protection is now over."[5]
  • (Referring to Won and Rei, respectively) "Drunk on women and wine, he was an ignorant king who wasn't even aware of his nation crumbling and his own life falling apart. Pathetic. That's all he was, Rei—the man you abandoned me and Seo Seo for."[27]


  • Throughout the series, Rok Ha and his aunt Rei are both the same age.[4][28]


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