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Jang Ryun was the 32nd King of Seo Seo. He was the father of Jang Rei and three elder children.


Jang Ryun was relatively tall and had a beard. He also had his hair usually tied in a sangtu. Alongside his royal robes, he also wore the myeonryugwan to signify his status as king.


Jang Ryun favored his daughter Rei over his other children

Aside from his known character as being gentle as a ruler, he favoured his daughter, who was brilliant and intelligent unlike his other greedy and slow-witted children. This fondness and protection for Rei and Yeong Bi were evident, even to the point of naming one-third of Seo Seo to her daughter as inheritance.

Jang Ryun also signed the Ga Guk–Seo Seo peace treaty with then king Jin Hyul, signifying his preference to forge alliances with foreign nations for the sake of his country's peace with others.


Personal Life[]

Jang Ryun with his three wives

Jang Ryun was known to be a wise yet weak ruler. He had three wives, in which his queen consort bore with him one prince and two princesses. Since both of his other consorts did not give birth, it was evident that the queen consort's firstborn son would inherit the throne.

After a year-long inspection of the country, the king returned with a commoner, Yeong Bi, together with their child, Jang Rei. Her arrival began to change the dynamics of the royal palace. Despite rampant criticism, he fell in even deeper love with Yeong Bi. Naturally, his affection directed towards Rei, which incited the jealousy and bitterness of his other children. Furthermore, as Rei's wit and intelligence became more brilliant as she grew older, the king, who was displeased with his other greedy and obtuse children, came to favor her over the others even more.[1]

Death and Legacy[]

One year after Rei and erstwhile Prince Hae Won first met, he passed away at the age of 52 years old. Upon his son's succession to the throne, Jang Ryun's will was read, revealing that he had granted Rei inheritance of land, spanning from east Seo Seo to Se Han, much to the chagrin of his other children.

Following Jang Ryun's death, his three elder children plotted to kill Rei, which they thought to be easier without his presence to protect her and her mother. Meanwhile, Yeong Bi immediately followed Jang Ryun's death because of the First Princess's daily poisoning of her tea.[2]


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