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The Jeogwa Revolution was a coup d'état orchestrated by Yoon Yeon Lee to usurp the throne from Queen Dowager Ahn Young and Crown Prince Yi Jeok after the death of the previous king, Jin Hyul. It resulted with Yeon Lee as queen regent as her son Yi Won became the king at the age of 10 years old under the name Jin Won.


Queen Ahn Young's Assassination[]

Yeon Lee confronts Ahn Young

One night, a sleeping Yi Hwi was awoken by Seo In Seon Woo. He saw Ahn Young dressing up Yi Jeok as they were called by Seon Woo to leave the Jin Hee Palace immediately. Yi Hwi and Yi Jeok sadly left. Ahn Young remained alone when Yoon Yeon Lee appeared. The two exchanged a heated argument and Yeon Lee ended it with Baek Yoo Shin ordering him to kill Ahn Young.[1]

Escape of the Princes[]

Seon Woo entrusts a norigae to Jeok and Hwi

Right after Ahn Young drew her last breath at the hands of Yoo Shin, Yeon Lee ordered him to also find and kill the Crown Prince. As instructed by Seon Woo to the two princes, once they reached the Phoenix Gate, they headed straight west until they found a house with a red tiled-roof. They should also look for a woman named Wol Young Hwa and give her a norigae to ensure that she would help them.

While the princes were escaping, Yoo Shin and his forces chased after them when Hwi stumbled and was struck on his left chest by Yoo Shin's dagger. A stain of Hwi's blood marked the ground, and Yoo Shin noted that they should not have gone far. Fortunately, the princes reached their destination with Hwi barely breathing due to his bleeding wound when Seol Hwa suddenly caught them hiding under (unbeknownst to them yet) Wol Young Hwa's hanok in Ju Wah Ae Rim.[1]


Yeon Lee's son, Yi Won, was coronated as king of Ga Guk at age 10. She acted as queen regent until he turned 20 years old. Hwi and Jeok formed Deung Ha Bul Myung, a rebel army aiming to reclaim the throne.


  • Interestingly, the way Yeon Lee usurped the throne through burning down the palace[1] was the same way she died.[2]


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