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A view of the Jin Hee Palace

Jin Hee Palace (Hangul: 진희궁; Hanja: 眞熙宮; RR: Jin Hui Gung) is the official residence of the monarch of Ga Guk and its Royal Family. Located in the capital of Ga Guk, its territory spans across within and outside the palace grounds.

It is unknown when it was built, but the palace had endured a fire once, particularly during the Jeogwa Revolution after the death of King Jin Hyul. However, it was implied that it had been reconstructed until the reign of his predecessor, King Jin Won. After nearly a decade, it suffered another fire caused by the Deung Ha Bul Myung rebel army during their rebellion. Like before, it was also rebuilt for the latest monarch, King Jin Jeok.

Buildings and Landmarks[]

Image Description
Bathhouse.png Bathhouse
This is where the king takes his bath in private where even his personal guard cannot enter without permission.
Bridal quarters.png Bridal Quarters
The collective residence of the three bridal candidates Yoo Dan Ah, Hyun Bin, and Hwang Se Ryeon during their stay in the Jin Hee Palace. It is also referred to as the Royal Villa.
Chamber of Eternal Life.png Chamber of Eternal Life
This is where the portraits of the kings of Ga Guk are sealed away.
Se Ryeon's quarters.png Hwang Se Ryeon's Quarters
A portion of the bridal quarters, this is the residence of Hwang Se Ryeon during the bridal selection.
Hyun Bin's Quarters.png Hyun Bin's Quarters
The official residence of King Jin Won's royal consort, Hyun Bin.
Hyun Moo Gate.png Hyun Moo Gate
(현무문 / 玄武門, lit. "Black Tortoise Gate")
The northern doors of the palace.
Interrogation grounds.png Interrogation Grounds
This is where criminals are questioned by investigators. If ordered, special royal investigators would utilize the grounds for torturing aforementioned culprits until a confession is forced out of them. In extreme cases, upon the order of the king, the grounds may also serve as an area for executing criminals, notably through quartering.
Library.png King's Library
This is considered as the king's unofficial office where he can also meet and talk with his guests in private. This is where most of his documents are kept.
Nabi's quarters.png Nabi's Quarters
Nabi's chambers during the bridal selection as Dan Ah's maidservant.
Palace lake.png Palace Lake
A shallow body of water within the palace surrounded by greenery.
Empress dowager's quarters.png Queen Mother's Quarters
The official residence of Queen Mother Yoon Yeon Lee.
Throne Hall.png Throne Hall
This is where the king of Ga Guk and his ministers discuss state affairs.
Training Grounds.png Training Grounds
It can be implied that this is where the Royal Army of Ga Guk come to practice and prepare for battle.
West palace entrance.png West Palace Entrance
This is one of the palace entrances. Outside this part of the palace are Hyang Ju's state properties, including a number of establishments and houses.
Dan Ah's quarters.png Yoo Dan Ah's Quarters
A portion of the bridal quarters, this is the residence of Yoo Dan Ah during the bridal selection.


  • Its name in Hanja comprises of "眞", meaning "truth", and "熙", which means "prosperous" or "glorious".