Ju Wah Ae Rim

A view of Ju Wah Ae Rim

Ju Wah Ae Rim (주와애림), sometimes shortened to Ju Wah (주와), is known for its pleasure quarters where gisaeng entertain guests in Ga Guk. It was once decreed for Ju Wah to top the red-light district's pleasure quarters with red-tiled roofs, which became its trademark characteristic. Known mostly as the area whose streets resound with the flirtatious laughter of women who are drenched in the scents of incense and liquor, Ju Wah is renowned as the only place more magnificent than the Jin Hee Palace itself.[1]

Ju Wah's most famous gisaeng house was Yu Hyang Ru, where the famous gisaeng Nabi worked. Ju Cheon Inn is also situated in Ju Wah.

References Edit

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