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Kim Hak Gyu is the Secretary of Treasury of Ga Guk during King Jin Won's reign.

Personality Edit

It is unknown whether he is one of the ministers who resented the existence of the slums in Ga Guk as once noted by Won.[1] Moreover, the fact that his name was not in the compact hints that he did not side with Yoon Yeon Lee's forces during the Jeogwa Revolution.


Fateful Encounter Arc Edit

During one of the court meetings at the palace, Hak Gyu suggests to the absent-minded King Jin Won to expand their budget allotted to the military to prevent even more damage from their latest battle. He further suggests the army to be reinforced, which has displaced hundreds of refugees from supplying aid to victims. However, he is stopped by Chief State Councilor Yoo Ja Gyeom as Jin Won asks them if they know "Nabi." Later, after Left State Councilor Hwang Se Hyung informed the king about the dong-gi gisaeng Nabi, the king leaves the court immediately.[2]

Plague Arc Edit

At the chief state councilor's residence, the minister attends a party alongside Minister of Defense Wi Ji Hyun. Nabi observes him from afar, recalling that his name was not in the compact.[3]


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