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Meng Gyeom is the escort of Jang Rok Ha and aids Rok Ha in his endeavors in running the Western Nak Cheon Company as well as for the crown prince's personal agenda.

History Edit

It is unknown when Gyeom began his profession as Rok Ha's escort, but it can be implied that he has been serving Rok Ha since King Jin Won's reign years before the main series timeline, since Gyeom once claimed that he once saw the monarch personally during his visit to Seo Seo.[1]

Personality Edit

Gyeom admits himself that he is of average intelligence, but he nonetheless claims that he has an exceptional memory, having been able to recognize King Jin Won on his excursion based solely on the king's appearance during a visit to Seo Seo years ago.[1]

He also respects and thinks highly of Rok Ha as the crown prince as well as the head of the Western Nak Cheon Company, as he once chided Jeok and called out his insolence when the latter admitted that he did not expect Rok Ha to be able to deliver numerous bulls to the rebel army on such short notice. Gyeom also confidently stated that they would even be able to provide them cannons had there been ample time for preparation.[2] Nevertheless, he seems to also have a carefree relationship with Rok Ha, sometimes even calling out the crown prince's lack of enthusiasm in their endeavors as well as reminding him occasionally of his schemes with relative ease and almost without inhibition.


Revolt Procurement Arc Edit

In Yu Hyang Ru, Gyeom acts as Rok Ha's master while they deliver the weapons from Seo Seo to the rebel army represented by Yi Jeok and Nabi. Rok Ha is served tea by Nabi first rather than Gyeom, which leads Rok Ha to later advise Gyeom not to underestimate the two.[3]

Plague Arc Edit

At the height of the plague at Moon's End Village, Gyeom accompanies Rok Ha who acted as the Crimson Moon. He meets him in the woods and comments that Rok Ha's acting in stirring the villagers to rebellion is a bit "dramatic" before they leave the place.[4]


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