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Meng Gyeom is the escort of Jang Rok Ha and aids Rok Ha in his endeavors in running the Western Nak Cheon Company as well as for the crown prince's personal agenda.


It is unknown when Gyeom began his profession as Rok Ha's escort, but it can be implied that he has been serving Rok Ha since King Jin Won's reign years before the main series timeline. During that time, Gyeom once saw the king personally during his visit to Seo Seo.[1]


Gyeom admits himself that he is of average intelligence, but he nonetheless claims that he has an exceptional memory, having been able to recognize King Jin Won on his excursion based solely on the king's appearance during a visit to Seo Seo years ago.[1]

He also respects and thinks highly of Rok Ha as the crown prince as well as the head of the Western Nak Cheon Company, as he once chided Jeok and called out his insolence when the latter admitted that he did not expect Rok Ha to be able to deliver numerous bulls to the rebel army on such short notice. Gyeom also confidently stated that they would even be able to provide them cannons had there been ample time for preparation.[2]

Nevertheless, he seems to also have a carefree relationship with Rok Ha, sometimes even calling out the crown prince's lack of enthusiasm in their endeavors as well as reminding him occasionally of his schemes with relative ease and almost without inhibition.

Gyeom is also highly skilled in infiltration missions, once being able to knock out two palace guards by himself and impersonating one of them. Though another palace guard noticed the slight clamor, Gyeom quick-wittedly made up a reason behind it, which fooled the guard not noticing the outsider already within the premises.[3] Moreover, in a style akin to Bi Yeong Pal Mu members, Gyeom can hide his presence while tailing Rok Ha and instantly appear on ground when Rok Ha would call him.[4]


Revolt Procurement Arc[]

In Yu Hyang Ru, Gyeom acts as Rok Ha's master while they deliver the weapons from Seo Seo to the rebel army represented by Yi Jeok and Nabi. Rok Ha is served tea by Nabi first rather than Gyeom, which leads Rok Ha to later advise Gyeom not to underestimate the two.[5]

Plague Arc[]

At the height of the plague at Moon's End Village, Gyeom accompanies Rok Ha who acted as the Crimson Moon. He meets him in the woods and comments that Rok Ha's acting in stirring the villagers to rebellion is a bit "dramatic" before they leave the place.[6]

After Rok Ha's appearance as the "Crimson Moon", Gyeom accompanies him as they tail Nabi in the middle of the night, though the gisaeng quickly notices Rok Ha's presence. The latter offers her some company in going to Yu Hyang Ru, but she tells him that she is already being accompanied. Nevertheless, Rok Ha informs her of the rumor surrounding the Crimson Moon's alleged appearance at Moon's End Village, who also seemed to have armed the villagers and stirred them to rebellion. Nabi becomes alarmed and tells him that she shall relay the information to Jeok. As they leave, Gyeom asks Rok Ha whether the rebels would take their bait; Rok Ha confidently agrees.[7]

In spite of the ongoing plague, Gyeom and Rok Ha lay low at Moon's End Village. Upon Yi Won's visit to the village, Gyeom informs Rok Ha that he, their real target, has appeared. Though appearing aloof, Rok Ha sets out with Gyeom, and they locate the red-haired man almost unaccompanied. Gyeom further tells him that the king has come to the village to meet a woman. Intrigued, they proceed to meet her.

Gyeom and Rok Ha visit the woman

As they arrive at the location, they are greeted by a woman. Based from the red lantern hung from the eaves, the lady's tacky and risqué dress, and her cheap and musky perfume, Rok Ha infers the woman to be a prostitute, fueling his confusion whether Jin Won really went to a faraway place just to meet such woman. They offer her ten nyang and question her about Jin Won's recent visit, but she claims that he left at once when she told him that her alias is "Nabi".[8]

Patching the hints together, Rok Ha assumes that the king wanted to visit another Nabi, someone they both know. Taking this knowledge to his advantage, Rok Ha and Gyeom devise a plan to lure the king to a tragedy.

Gyeom as the cloaked and masked figure

That night, while Won is at the clinic, Gyeom dresses as Nabi and subtly lures Won. He sets out and chases after "her" until they reach the edge of a cliff. As Won reaches out to the cloaked figure, he sees "her" wearing the Crimson Moon mask, and she pushes him off the cliff. Yoo Dan Ah, who followed Won to the cliff, attempts to save him, but she ends up falling with him down the cliff.[9]

Rok Ha complements Gyeom for successfully accomplishing his order, despite teasing him afterwards that he is nowhere near being the "most beautiful". Gyeom asks him whether he should check on the two who fell down, but Rok Ha tells him that the girl is collateral damage and that Ga Guk shall nonetheless be embroiled in civil war whether or not the king died from the fall.[10]

Rebel Army Suppression: Setting in Motion[]

After the incident at Moon's End Village, Gyeom and Rok Ha stay at an inn.[11] Rei and her bodyguard later Gwak Ji Ryeon visit Rok Ha. As the latter tries to negotiate with Rei to return with him to Seo Seo, her water breaks. Rok Ha calls for Gyeom to fetch the midwife, much to Gyeom's panic. In the end, however, Rei tells Ji Ryeon for them to head back to the palace and bids Rok Ha goodbye.[12]

Rebel Army Suppression: Execution[]

Gyeom and Rok Ha watch Yu Hyang Ru burn down in flames

Gyeom and Rok Ha arrive at Yu Hyang Ru supposedly for a business deal with Jeok and Nabi. However, as Bi Yeong Pal Mu's forces raze the gisaeng house to the ground, Gyeom and Rok Ha watch it burn from afar.

As Gyeom remarks how the rebel army has suffered quite some serious damage and wreck, Rok Ha cancels their deal with the rebel army as of that day, after which they leave the ensuing chaos.[13]

Bridal Selection Arc[]

Jeok and Rok Ha renew their alliance that would benefit both their parties, presumably as regents and not as mere business partners. Rok Ha and Nabi later devise a plan to assassinate the king once and for all at a palace banquet, but Nabi ultimately fails to kill Jin Won. Gyeom and Baek Ho later inform Jeok at the Valley of the Kings about the foiled plan. The latter is then left with no choice but to order his men to retreat.[14]

Later, Gyeom participates in a merchant sale organized by Rok Ha near Hyun Bin's palace quarters for her maidservants. Rok Ha later meets with Nabi and grabs her towards the merchant table to rendezvous with Jeok disguised as a merchant.[15] After Jeok's meeting with Nabi, he gestures to Gyeom to conclude the sale and pack up to leave the palace.[16]

Minister Retrieval Arc[]

Gyeom knocks down two guards

During the midnight mission to retrieve Seo In Seon Woo, Gyeom sneaks in the palace's North Gate. He kills two palace guards single-handedly before taking up their post and disguising himself as a palace guard. Another guard notices the clamor, but Gyeom, now clad in the uniform he took from the guards, merely says that he has dozed off.[3] The following morning, Gyeom is presumed to have left the palace to rendezvous with the others.[17]

Persecution Arc[]

Gyeom accompanies Rok Ha back to the palace after the tragedies involving the Queen Mother's mysterious paralysis and the baby prince's death. Following Nabi's arrest after she surrendered to authorities, Gyeom escorts Rok Ha to the rebel headquarters to inform Jeok about the news.[4]

Eventually, Nabi is released from imprisonment after Hwang Se Hyung and Hwang Se Ryeon were executed for being proven guilty of orchestrating the baby prince's murder. Moreover, Jeok meets with Rok Ha and Gyeom that night for the rebel army's upcoming revolt. He admits being apprehensive that Rok Ha would not be able to offer them their needs at such short notice, which the Seo Seo crown prince and Gyeom chide him for. As Rok Ha and Jeok remind each other of their deal, Rok Ha wishes for the success of the rebel army's successful revolt.

Crimson Moon Rebellion[]

The rebel troops tie some straws on bulls' tails and place a red cloth at their backs, after which the straws are lit on fire. As the bulls go on a rampage throughout the village and palace grounds, Gyeom finally sees the famed fire bull strategy in action. Rok Ha adds how the rebels did not tie swords onto the bulls' tails in order not to harm the innocent civilians.[18]


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