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Nabi is a former gisaeng who has once captivated the hearts of many men, renowned throughout Ga Guk as the most beautiful woman in Hyang Ju. During and after her time as a gisaeng in Yu Hyang Ru, she wore numerous hanbok of different styles and designs.

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Image Description
NDress 0.1.png Chapter 0
Nabi's hanbok in the prologue consisted of a faint purple jeogori held together by a lime goreum with a purple waist belt that had lavender strings where a gold norigae hanged. She wore a chima of the same color as her jeogori, and she donned a red po with faint radial designs.
NDress 1.png Chapter 1
Nabi's hanbok consisted of a red-and-beige chima jeogori and a dark jade baeja with gold linings. Her red chima flowed to her feet, held from her white belt accentuated with black strings all around.
NDress 2.png Chapter 2
Nabi wore a faint purple jeogori with light powder blue dongjeong and lime-and-chestnut floral-patterned goreum, worn over a mauve waist belt. Her matching faint purple chima flowed from her waist belt, and she wore a red po with faint radial designs.
NDress 7.png Chapter 7
Nabi's hanbok consisted of a dark magenta floral-patterned baeja with a lavender goreum and a white dongjeong. Down to her lower torso, she wore a white waist belt with matching lavender ribbons where a green norigae was attached. She wore a pale chartreuse chima with a slit opening in the middle, revealing a white continuation of the skirt. She donned her red po from her previous outfit.
NDress 18.png Chapter 18
Nabi wore a light blue jeogori with white dongjeong and white waist belt, held together by a light purple goreum where an azure norigae hanged. She also wore a matching light purple chima with a slit in the middle that revealed a white continuation of the skirt. She donned a (highly obscured) purple-grey durumagi with faint designs over her chima jeogori before she wore her red po.
NDress 21.png Chapter 21
Nabi wore a white jeogori patterned with faint red flowers on the left side (though highly obscured) and a white waist belt with black strings tied around it, from which an azure norigae hanged. She wore an indigo chima with floral patterns with a white-lined slit in the center. Before donning her red po, she wore a dark crimson durumagi beneath.
NDress 24.png Chapter 24
Nabi's hanbok consisted of a lime jeogori with white dongjeong and lime-cuff cream sleeves. She had a white waist belt with maroon strings tied around; an azure norigae hanged from it as well. On top of her jeogori, she wore a red baeja with light gold linings, and she kept her vest open. She wore a violet chima with a white-lined slit in the center. Underneath her chima, she wore a translucent purple skirt with faint designs.
NDress 29.png Chapter 29
Nabi wore a dark brown jeogori with white dongjeong and lime goreum. She also wore a cream waist belt where a magenta norigae also hanged from her belt. She wore a dark jade chima with a white-lined slit in the center, and she topped her hanbok over with her red po.
NDress 31.png Chapter 31
Nabi's hanbok in this chapter was similar to her previous outfit, especially the jeogori, except for some variations on the bottom part. She wore a dark teal patterned chima with a white-lined slit in the middle, and two norigae hanged from her belt: one was a longer magenta norigae, while the second was an azure one. Like her previous outfit, she wore her red po.


Image Description
NHeaddress 0.1.png Chapter 0
In the prologue, Nabi wore a silver butterfly-shaped hair pin with a central turquoise bead placed at the center. Three dangling strings were attached to the ornament: the longest was a string with diamond-shaped crystals collected in a silver strand where a flower ornament hanged; the second was a string with turquoise beads collected in a strand where an hourglass-shaped tip dangled a white pearl; and the third was similar to the longest string, though this strand was the shortest among the three.
NGeneric headdress 2.png Generic Headdress
(Nabi's left side)

Nabi wore a generic headdress which she used to half-tie her hair. On her left side was a hair tie with a large butterfly-shaped ornament. The wings of the butterfly were silver-colored, and beads on the ornament's body were turquoise in color. Hanging from the ornament were two dangling strings; the longer string consisted of diamond-shaped beads collected in a string, while the shorter string was a simple silver strand that contained at least five beads that reached the hourglass-shaped tip.
NGeneric headdress.png Generic Headdress
(Nabi's right side)

On Nabi's right side was a generic hair tie that continued to a large silver holed flower-like ornament resembling a Greek cross. At the center of the ornament was a small red round crystal. Attached on each end of the arms was a small loop-like round tip, though there were at least three beads attached to the tip of the south-pointing arm of the ornament.
NHeaddress 18.png Chapter 18
During her excursions outside Yu Hyang Ru, Nabi occasionally wore a jeonmo alongside her hanbok. Her jeonmo consisted of a bamboo frame where a violet translucent veil with green and white floral designs draped. She then tied the hat to her chin with a red ribbon. Her jeonmo was positioned on her left side.
NHeaddress 21.png Chapter 21
Nabi's jeonmo was an indigo-framed hat where a white translucent veil with leaf-like designs draped until her elbow. The jeonmo was tied to her chin with a lavender-and-blue ombre ribbon. She positioned her jeonmo on her left side.
NHeaddress 31.png Chapter 31
Nabi wore a bamboo-framed jeonmo with a violet translucent veil, designed with green patterns. The ribbon that tied the hat to her chin was dark teal, and her jeonmo was positioned on her right side.


Image Description
NFootwear 1.png Red Unhye
Nabi wore white beoseon and red unhye with a black cap and some red designs. There were also black and white linings on the main body of the shoes.
NFootwear 7.png Flower Unhye
Nabi wore a red unhye with black cap where a white flower was designed on the right. There were white linings on the body of the shoes, and the sole was also white. Her unhye were worn over a pair of white beoseon.


Image Description
NEarrings.png Earrings
During the prologue, Nabi wore a pair of turquoise dangling earrings with silver spiral designs.
Nabi had a white fan with a smudged butterfly and floral patterns on one side of the leaf and faint floral patterns on the other side. The sticks that held the fan together were brown. Two gold strands with a flower ornament-like shape hanged from the tip of the fan.