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Nam Yang Heon is the eldest son of the Nam family.


Yang Heon is rumored by many people to be bright and well-esteemed. In reality, however, he is quite confident in his fame and influence emanating from being part of the Nam family, bordering on arrogance and pride. As Nabi once stated, those rumors are quite exaggerated and is not quite the case, even comparing him to a bug.[1] Moreover, after Yi Won single-handedly beat him during the festival, Yang Heon has become wary and afraid of him since then.[2]


Yang Heon hails from the famous Nam family and is the eldest child in the family.[1]


Fateful Encounter Arc[]

Yang Heon and Dan Ah fall over Won

During the day of the first full moon, Yang Heon and his subordinates are en route to Ju Wah Ae Rim, but he gets caught in a commotion with Yoo Dan Ah, disguised as a man, for accidentally tainting his outfit. As he is about to slap Dan Ah, she screams, and they figure out that she is a girl. He carries her as as absolution for what she did to him, while bystanders helplessly watch. Dan Ah seeks help from Yi Won, but he flatly rejects offering her some help and merely ignores her. Suddenly, a fan is thrown on Yang Heon's head, which turns out to be Nabi's doing, a renowned gisaeng from Yu Hyang Ru. She lectures him about matters regarding nobility, mocks him for his attitude, and rebukes him in front of many people. Irritated and humiliated, Yang Heon slaps Nabi and orders his subordinates to kill her, including Won and Dan Ah. However, Won single-handedly beats him up, leaving him unconscious on the ground, while Nabi and Dan Ah escape.[1]

Compact Heist Arc[]

Yang Heon surprises Dan Ah

At the market streets, Yang Heon is seen in bandages and surprises Dan Ah when she and Won stop by to look at Hong's painting. She then calls back for Won, making Yang Heon nervous at the sight of him. Won disregards her, and Yang Heon is left with Dan Ah. As he threatens her quite menacingly, she runs away from him, and she is eventually helped by Hong himself to hide from him at a nearby house. Yang Heon desperately searches for her, but to no avail.[2]


  • In some way, Yang Heon is considerably a plot device who set the events of the story into motion. Due to a commotion he stirred with Dan Ah during Ga Guk's festival, she is able to meet Won. Later, they altogether meet Nabi after she confronts Yang Heon.[1] Interestingly, his appearance to Dan Ah for the second time[2] would later allow Hong to reunite with Dan Ah, after which they head to Shadow Village where they encounter Won.[3] In summary, Yang Heon's second appearance to Dan Ah inadvertently allowed Hong, Won, and Dan Ah to meet for the first time in the series (albeit the three were unaware that they had, in fact, already met during the festival with Hong posing as Nabi).


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