Jang Ryun wives

Jang Ryun and his three wives

The Royal Family of Seo Seo is the household of the governing monarch in the nation of Seo Seo. King Jang Ryun was the 32nd king of Seo Seo, who was succeeded by his eldest son. Following the abdication of the latter due to poor health, his son Rok Ha is set to be coronated as the 34th king of the country.[1]

Succession Edit

Succession to the throne in the family is largely governed by male-preference primogeniture, in which sons of the king inherit before daughters. Moreover, succession is apparently based on the child's lineage. These criteria were apparent with the case of the First Prince being the heir apparent, being the eldest male child of King Jang Ryun with his queen consort.[1] Moreover, his son Rok Ha is heir apparent to the throne before the First Prince's sisters.

Members Edit

Family Tree Edit

Below is the family tree of the members of the Royal Family of Seo Seo. (Jade text denotes monarchs in the family.)

Jang Ryun
(32nd King)
First Wife
(Queen Consort)
Second Wife
Third Wife
Yeong Bi
First Prince
(33rd King)
First Princess
Jang Rei
Jin Won
Jang Rok Ha
Unnamed Son

References Edit

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