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Jang Rei's inherited land according to King Jang Ryun's will

Seo Seo (서서) is a nation that boasts a rich history of a thousand years. Unlike the east, which is ridden with territorial conflicts, Seo Seo is backed by its long-standing hegemony, able to maintain peace without becoming involved in the Hundred Year's War. This long peace provided for a good life for its people, but, at the same time, it dulled their king's edge.

History Edit

Reign of Jang Ryun Edit

Imperial Family of Seo Seo

The three eldest children of Jang Ryun

Some time during the reign of King Jang Ryun, the country entered a peace treaty with King Jin Hyul of Ga Guk. Known as a wise but weak ruler of Seo Seo, Jang Ryun had three children with his consort, including a prince and two princesses. At this point, the prince was named as the Crown Prince.

However, after some time, he fell in love with a commoner, Yeong Bi, and bore a daughter with her named Rei. Despite not being of noble blood, the king favored Yeong Bi the most among his mistresses and consort, and he favored Rei over his other children due to her wit and intelligence. This caused an internal rift between Jang Ryun's three eldest children and Rei; the children often bullied their youngest half-sister, humiliating and excluding her during various royal occasions.[1][2]

Several years later, Jang Ryun passed away at the age of 52 years old. As stated in his will, he named Rei as the inheritor of at least one-third of the land, spanning from East Seo Seo to Se Han.

Reign of Jang Ryun's Successor Edit

After Jang Ryun's death, the crown prince succeeded the throne. Upon learning of his predecessor's will regarding Rei's inheritance, the children plotted against Yeong Bi and Rei. The First Princess had been adding poison in Yeong Bi's tea for quite some time, which eventually led to the latter's death. Rei's nephew and friend, Rok Ha, who is also the king's son, was also sent abroad for his education as instructed by his father.

The peace treaty with Ga Guk also continued during his reign until the time of King Jin Won. However, Rok Ha believed this to be a move that meant near subjugation of Seo Seo to Ga Guk, especially with Ga Guk's requests for tributes from the country known for its heritage.[1] Because of this, political factions clashed with each other: conservatives supported the treaty to continue, while reformers who backed Rok Ha wished for the treaty to end.[3]

Furthermore, with Jin Won's amicable acquaintance with Rei since their youth, Ga Guk requested for Rei to be brought to Ga Guk (which was actually Rei's "wish" with erstwhile prince Hae Won) to be married to Jin Won as royal consort.[2]

Culture Edit

Seo Seo is known for its rich heritage and culture, spanning over its history for a thousand years. It is also known for its teas, which is deemed as a prominent or even signature product in its cuisine.

Dream Flower Edit

Endemic in Seo Seo, the dream flower is a plant that grows in the alpine regions of the country. Cultivation of the flower is prohibited due to its narcotic properties, though its scent can be utilized under legal and medicinal instances in some selected locations.[4]

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Se Han Edit

Se Han is located somewhere in the center of Seo Seo. It is the boundary of Rei's supposed inheritance up to East Seo Seo.

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