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Sori is a young man who assists Ma Mi Song in his medical endeavors.


Sori was once saved by Physician Ma after eating a poisonous plant, and he has considered that his home is where Physician Ma is. He then ran errands for the physician from then on, such as buying him medicine.[1]


As the assistant of Physician Ma, Sori is hardworking and precise in his medical work. As noted by Yoo Dan Ah, he can be very strict when it comes to directing others at work,[2] most likely because he holds high regard for duty. When he observed once that Hong might have fled from his task at the clinic during the height of a plague, he became quite frantic and, as Physician Ma himself stated, Sori's voice is "still ringing in his ears" until nighttime, looking for Hong.[3]

Sori's reaction when he meets Won

Intriguingly, Sori has quite an extensive knowledge about Ga Guk, including people from high authorities and nobility. For instance, he knew Dan Ah is the daughter of the chief state councilor that even Yi Won himself did not initially know of.[4] Moreover, he seems to know the identity of Won as the king of Ga Guk.[5] Based from his reaction when he first saw Won in person, he somehow knows how the king looks like, despite the fact that paintings (and, therefore, faces) of Ga Guk's kings are almost never publicized and only enshrined in the palace's Chamber of Eternal Life.


Revolt Procurement Arc[]

Sori arrives at Physician Ma's clinic with a bag of herbs from Nam Hyeon and tells him that many people have not survived and died because of the cold winter. Woon exclaims that the Crimson Moon will save the people and happily sings the Crimson Moon song with Sori. Upon seeing the physician is making medicine for a patient, Sori panics that the patient might have heard him, worrying for his life.[1]

Plague Arc[]

Sori instructs Chung and Woon to buy ingredients for him, telling them to return quickly.[6] Later, he becomes in charge of Physician Ma's clinic temporarily. He gives Dan Ah her medicine and instructs her to rest. He inadvertently informs her that Chung, Woon, and Physician Ma are at Moon's End Village tending to plague-stricken patients. She volunteers to help them, but he and her maidservant subtly do not allow her. Instead, Dan Ah donates some of her money to Sori, but he tells her she does not need to give any more monetary donation, since the Crimson Moon has appeared at Moon's End Village and left a generous supply of grain and medicine.[7]

Sori and Dan Ah prepare medicine

Amidst the protests of Sori and her servant, Dan Ah goes to the village and assists Physician Ma and Sori, as well as Hong, in tending to the plague patients. When Hong finds Dan Ah at the site, they had a brief confrontation in which Hong worries for Dan Ah's safety, though the latter dismisses his worry and chides him for underestimating her. As the physician clears up Hong's worries, Sori tells Dan Ah to help him in preparing the medicine. Later, Sori "strictly" asks Dan Ah to fetch Hong, who appears to be taking a rest at the village's back hill.[8]

Dan Ah brings Won to the clinic, leaving Sori speechless and apparently surprised upon seeing him. She enthusiastically asks Sori to help Won in showing the area around. Though Sori stutters and thinks having Won work is not a good idea, Physician Ma shuns him and instead thinks that having another person is of great help. With no other choice, Sori worriedly asks Won to guide some patients, much to Won's annoyance. As more patients arrive at the clinic, Won stands by and asks Baek Ryung to assist in tending to the patients. With the arrival of another helper, Sori gets surprised as she helps in assisting him.[9]

By nighttime, as Hong points out, Physician Ma asks Sori where Dan Ah and Won are. Sori tells them that they might be having some "alone" time together, probably why they left without saying a word to the physician. Hong tells him that she is not the type who merely wanders off, but Sori dismisses his thought, telling him not to underestimate a woman in love such as Dan Ah. He also remarks how everyone else is going overboard in searching for the two, including Won's guard. Despite his reasoning, Hong sets out to look for the two.[10]

Won asks Sori about Dan Ah

Hong eventually locates the two, though Won manages to bring Dan Ah back to the clinic without Hong's help. Physician Ma immediately orders Sori to bring some medical apparatus for Dan Ah's treatment. As he returns with the physician's requirements, he notices Hong and Won outside the room and advises them to rest inside. The two ignore his suggestion, so he merely yields to their unflinching demeanor. He becomes nervous and remarks that the chief state councilor might not be happy due to his daughter's condition, much to Won's surprise.[11] Won immediately grabs at Sori and asks whether Dan Ah is the chief state councilor's daughter, which Sori confirms. As Won merely chuckles at his response, Sori enters Dan Ah's treatment room.[12]

Rebel Army Suppression: Execution[]

After the simultaneous ambushes on Bi Hwa Rim and Yu Hyang Ru, Sori strolls with Physician Ma around the marketplace bustling with rumors and hearsays. He asks Physician Ma whether he regrets selling out the rebels that caused their downfall. The physician answers that he does not, though he admits that his foresight was shallow and that too many lives have been lost. As national health clinics have been established throughout Ga Guk, the physician promises to save other lives as atonement for the lives that he has cost.[13]

Persecution Arc[]

Shortly after the arrest and upon the behest of Nabi, Sori and Physician Ma head to the palace to treat the paralyzed Queen Mother. One day, Sori informs two palace servants that her condition remains unchanged. The king's head servant then thanks him for his services, after which he takes his leave.[14]

Crimson Moon Rebellion[]

Sori wonders whether Dan Ah will ever recover

In the aftermath of the rebel army's revolt, Physician Ma and Sori stay at their clinic. Sori wonders whether Dan Ah will be able to recover given her loss of mobility, also thinking how she must have suffered greatly for her to lose her memories except for one. As Sori prepares to get her after preparing her medicine, Chung and Woon arrive back at the clinic. Sori reprimands them for leaving Dan Ah alone, but the children assure him that he has returned. Hence, Sori sets out to leave and fetch them, but Physician Ma asks Sori to leave them be.[15]


  • (To Physician Ma) "Come on. It's not like I have a home to go back to."[1]
  • (To Physician Ma about Dan Ah after the revolt) "Will she recover? She must have suffered greatly to lose all her memories… except for one."[15]


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