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This timeline lists the chronological events that transpired in the Twelve Nights series as depicted, mentioned, or hinted in the webtoon.

38 years ago[]

36 years ago[]

  • Yi Hyul becomes the 12th King of Ga Guk after killing his rival twin brother.

24 years ago[]

21 years ago[]

  • Sa Hwa Hyeon is executed by the Bi Yeong Ship Mu for treason.
    • Sa Baek Hwa, Hyun, and their mother are imprisoned. The latter eventually commits suicide.
    • Baek Hwa ends her betrothal with Seo In Seon Woo.


  • Sa Baek Hwa and Hyun are exiled.
  • Yi Sae Gi attacks Baek Hwa and Hyun. In the process, Hyun stabs Baek Hwa and disposes of her body, but she survives.

20 years ago[]

19 years ago[]

  • Yi Jeok and Yi Hwi are born.
    • Minister Yi Ha takes Hwi away to help Queen Ahn Young hide the child from the king, who believes the second-born prince to be dead.
    • Royal physician Ma Mi Song treats the newly-born child. Thereafter, he resigns from his position and disappears from sight.
    • Yi Ha and his wife adopt the child as their own.

Several months later[]

  • Queen Ahn Young sends Yi Ha and his wife the name for the second prince: Hwi.

18 years ago[]

  • King Jin Hyul reigns for the 12th year.


  • Sa Baek Hwa, also known by her gisaeng name Wol Young Hwa, is renowned as the most famous gisaeng in Hyang Ju.

17 years ago[]

11 years ago[]

  • King Jin Hyul acquires an illness and becomes bed-ridden.
  • Yi Hwi is brought back to the palace as allowed by King Jin Hyul under the condition that no one is to tell him nor anyone else of the child's true identity.
    • Yi Jeok meets his twin brother Hwi for the first time. The two eventually become friends, close enough to be like brothers.
    • Queen Ahn Young meets her second-born son Hwi for the first time.

10 years ago[]


  • Yoo Dan Ah and Yi Hwi meet at Bi Hwa Rim.
    • On their way out, Hwi sings the Butterfly lullaby to her.
  • Yoo Dan Ah's mother dies of illness.

One month before Jeogwa Revolution[]

  • King Jin Hyul dies of illness.
    • Queen Ahn Young assumably acts as regent.

Late winter[]

  • Yoon Yeon Lee and Yoo Ja Gyeom hold a treaty to have his daughter marry her son, the soon-to-be-king.
  • The Jeogwa Revolution commences.
    • Yoo Ja Gyeom lures the Bi Yeong Ship Mu into a trap and sets the Jin Hee Palace on fire in exchange to make his daughter, Yoo Dan Ah, queen.
    • Queen Ahn Young is killed by Baek Yoo Shin by order of Yoon Yeon Lee.
    • Crown Prince Yi Jeok and Yi Hwi escape the burning palace and head to Yu Hyang Ru to find Wol Young Hwa as instructed by their mentor, Seo In Seon Woo.
    • Bi Yeong Ship Mu is dissolved. Its captain Gil Mu Jin survives and escapes.
    • Yi Won becomes 13th King of Ga Guk with Yoon Yeon Lee as his regent, with Left Minister Seo In Seon Woo being the first to side with her despite protests from the advisors.

One week after Jeogwa Revolution[]

  • Yi Hwi awakes from his recuperation.
  • Yoon Yeon Lee orders Yoo Ja Gyeom and Baek Yoo Shin to locate the missing crown prince.
    • Yoo Shin dispatches a search party and takes with them boys aged 7–11 years old with a birthmark on the nape, similar to the crown prince. After a close encounter, Jeok, Hwi, and Seol Hwa are spared due to Wol Young Hwa's successful ploy of making Hwi dress up as a girl.
  • Seo In Seon Woo visits Yu Hyang Ru, and Young Hwa suggests that they devise a plan to keep the crown prince safe. They both think of having Hwi act as Jeok's double due to their resemblance.
    • Though Jeok refuses, Hwi, who overhears the conversation, volunteers to act as his decoy until they reclaim the throne. From thereon, Hwi assumes the title of crown prince; Mu Jin and Baek Ho are to become his loyal servants, Young Hwa and Seol Hwa are to keep the secret, and Jeok is to act as his liege.
    • Seon Woo burns Hwi with a mark on his nape, similar to the real crown prince's birthmark.

Series start

Three days before festival[]

Night of the first full moon[]

One day after festival[]

  • The Crimson Moon delivers the severed head of the Right Minister to the palace.
  • Yoon Yeon Lee orders summary execution on people caught singing the Crimson Moon song.
  • Key members of the rebel army steal the compact at Yoo Ja Gyeom's residence.
  • Yi Won encounters Nabi and brings her to Physician Ma Mi Song.
    • Physician Ma treats Nabi and finds out she is a man.

Two days after festival[]

  • Yoo Dan Ah meets the painter Hong in the market streets.
  • Yi Won arrives at Shadow Village, also known as Ga Guk's slums.
    • After meeting two children talking about their adoration of the Crimson Moon, the king orders the village to be raided by the royal army.
    • Won gets mistaken as the Crimson Moon.
  • Hong, Dan Ah, and Physician Ma go to the slums.
    • Hong, Won, and Dan Ah escape from the villagers chasing them.
  • Yoo Ja Gyeom visits Yu Hyang Ru and asks for Nabi to become his daughter's tutor. In Nabi's absence, Wol Young Hwa accepts in her stead.
  • Yoo Ja Gyeom informs his daughter that she shall be entering the palace soon as a bridal candidate for the king.
  • Yoon Yeon Lee informs her son that he shall prepare for a royal wedding soon.
  • Hyun Bin makes a bet with Yi Won: if their child is a boy, he shall make her his bride for the wedding. Otherwise, if the child is a girl, she shall give him one-third of Seo Seo that she inherited.

One day after raid at the slums[]

  • Nabi begins tutoring Yoo Dan Ah at the chief state councilor's residence.

Two days after raid at the slums[]

  • Hyun Bin and Yoon Yeon Lee go to the Valley of the Kings.
  • Yu Hyang Ru closes for the night after Nabi has found a partner, who appears to be the musician Yi Jeok.

Three days after raid at the slums[]

  • Yoo Dan Ah gets involved in an assassination attempt on her life by Nam Hyeon killers as ordered by Jang Rei.
    • The Crimson Moon rescues her and receives a huge wound on his back in doing so.

Sometime after Nam Hyeon assassination attempt[]

  • Nabi's name is taken off the gisaeng registers at Yu Hyang Ru.

At least a week after Nam Hyeon assassination attempt[]

  • Yoo Dan Ah goes to Physician Ma's place and asks whether he has treated a man with a huge wound on his back.
  • Sori returns to Physician Ma's clinic.
  • Western Nak Cheon Company representatives Meng Gyeom and Jang Rok Ha deliver weapons from Seo Seo to Yi Jeok and Nabi at Yu Hyang Ru.
  • Yi Won and Hong get embroiled in a skirmish in a gambling den.
    • They spend the night near a lake as "friends".

One day after gambling den skirmish[]

  • Yi Won begins the Samgantaek.
  • A plague spreads throughout Hyang Ju, particularly in Moon's End Village.
    • A fake Crimson Moon stirs the villagers to rebellion.
  • Nabi bids her farewell to Yoo Dan Ah before going away on "short notice".
  • Yi Hwi heads to Moon's End Village to assist Ma Mi Song during the plague outbreak.
    • The Crimson Moon delivers medicine to the plague patients.

Two days after gambling den skirmish[]

  • In their quest of searching for the Crimson Moon, the government places a bounty on a man with a large scar on his back, as tipped by Gwak Ji Ryeon to Bi Yeong Pal Mu captain Heuk Rang.
  • Yoo Dan Ah heads to Moon's End Village to assist Ma Mi Song and Sori during the plague outbreak.
    • Hong encounters Dan Ah in the village.
  • Yi Won heads to Moon's End Village after hearing rumors of Nabi being in the village.
    • Yoo Dan Ah and Hong encounter Won and keep him company, escorting him to the clinic where they treat plague patients.
  • Jang Rok Ha and Meng Gyeom orchestrate an assassination attempt on King Jin Won after seeing him in the village by chance.
    • Gyeom disguises himself as Nabi and pushes Won down a cliff upon Rok Ha's order.
    • Yoo Dan Ah attempts to save Won, but she also falls down the cliff together with him.
  • As Yoo Dan Ah and Yi Won go missing, Yi Hwi searches for them, along with the help of Gil Mu Jin.
    • Baek Ryung returns to the palace to mobilize a search party, but she is executed by order of Queen Mother Yoon Yeon Lee upon learning that the king is missing.

One day after cliff assassination attempt[]

  • Heuk Rang and a search party successfully locate King Jin Won in Moon's End Village and fetch him back to the palace.

Two days after cliff assassination attempt[]

  • Yi Hwi and other key members of the rebel army plan an operation to retrieve medicine and deliver it to plague patients.
  • King Jin Won issues a decree for the eradication of the rebel army.
  • Yi Won and Yoo Dan Ah float a lantern at Bi Hwa Rim as a farewell parting before she enters the palace.
    • Dan Ah asks Won to elope with her, albeit jokingly. Won, having other plans in mind, agrees to it.
    • Hong happens to be at the place, hence having the three encounter one another before Dan Ah departs.

Three days after cliff assassination attempt[]

  • Jang Rei and Jang Rok Ha meet each other in Ga Guk.
    • Rok Ha informs Rei of the forfeiture of her land inheritance in Seo Seo.
    • Rei bids her farewell to Rok Ha after he divulges his plans of inciting civil war in Ga Guk and taking her back to Seo Seo before his coronation as king.
  • Yoo Ja Gyeom forbids Yoo Dan Ah to leave their residence after finding out about her plans of eloping with another man that night.
  • Yi Hwi and some members of the rebel army infilitrate the Jin Hee Palace to steal medicine for the plague patients.
    • They find the palace devoid of any medicine, realizing that the stack was suspiciously relocated.
  • Jang Rei gives birth to twins: one boy and one girl.
  • The royal army simultaneously raid Bi Hwa Rim and Yu Hyang Ru due to their affiliations with the rebel army.
    • Bi Hwa Rim, the rebel army's headquarters, is destroyed.
    • Yu Hyang Ru, the rebel army's center of finance and contacts, is destroyed.
    • All rebels within the palace, including Left Minister Seo In Seon Woo, are discovered and captured. Chief State Councillor Yoo Ja Gyeom brands Seon Woo as a spy and subjects him to torture.
    • With casualties amounting to 189 dead, including Yu Hyang Ru's owner Wol Young Hwa, and 500 surrendered or arrested, the rebel army is completely defeated and immobilized.

One day after rebel army suppression[]

  • Yi Hwi and Yi Jeok visit the destroyed rebel army headquarters.
  • Yi Won visits the prison to check whether Nabi is imprisoned with the other captured rebels.
  • Nabi visits Yoo Dan Ah and requests her to be her maidservant when she enters the palace.
    • Dan Ah asks Nabi what she wants, to which the latter answers "to walk under the sun simply as myself by your side."

Few days after rebel army eradication[]

  • Ga Guk enters a state of stability and peace after the defeat of the rebels.
    • Royal clinics throughout the country help put a stop to the plague outbreak.
    • The king grants special pardons to slaves and reinstated them as citizens.
  • Yoo Dan Ah, with Nabi as her maidservant, and Hwang Se Ryeon enter Jin Hee Palace as bridal candidates.
  • Yi Jeok and Jang Rok Ha make a deal with each other.

One day after bridal candidates' palace entrance[]

  • Queen Mother Yoon Yeon Lee meets the two bridal candidates.
  • Yi Won issues a royal decree, naming Jang Rei as the third bridal candidate.
  • Jin Hee Palace holds a banquet for the three bridal candidates.
    • Yoo Dan Ah finds out that the king is the red-haired man whom she knew.
    • Nabi performs a shadow dance as instructed by Jang Rok Ha as a tactic to assassinate the king. She fails to do so, as the two face each other after some time.
    • The king passes out due to intoxication. The banquet is stopped, and guests are advised to leave.

Two days after bridal candidates' palace entrance[]

  • Yi Jeok and Jang Rok Ha devise a new plan.
  • King Jin Won orders to stop the torture of Seo In Seon Woo to have him executed by the end of the month.
  • Seon Woo is relocated from the prison to the king's personal chambers as bait to capture the Crimson Moon.

Three days after bridal candidates' palace entrance[]

  • The bridal candidates are set to meet with king after his sangcham.
  • Seol Hwa enters the palace as Hyun Bin's nursemaid under the name Baek Hwa.
  • A servant serves tea from another country, but Hyun Bin becomes suspicious of it.
    • Hyun Bin subtly aims to prevent Yoo Dan Ah from drinking it, but she forgets about her leg injury. Nabi, her maidservant, shields Dan Ah from the hot tea and acquires a burn on her arm.
    • The king arrives and postpones the meeting, sending the bridal candidates back to the royal residence.
  • The king sends for the royal physician to go to Yoo Dan Ah's chambers, actually to have the physician tend Nabi's burn.
    • Dan Ah suffers a light burn and is tended by the royal physician. Nabi refuses medication despite her severe burn.
  • Jin Won personally visits Yoo Dan Ah's chambers and offers the medicine the physician left behind.
    • Nabi leaves to prepare some tea, but Dan Ah stops her. She insists that she herself shall make some tea for the king, leaving Nabi and Won behind.
    • Won confesses his feelings for Nabi, which Dan Ah overhears from afar. Nabi senses the latter; unbeknownst to Won, they leave him behind.
  • Due to her suspicion and ominous feeling, Yoon Yeon Lee orders Heuk Rang to investigate about Nabi.

Four days after bridal candidates' palace entrance[]

  • After waiting all night, Yi Won leaves Yoo Dan Ah's quarters.
    • Palace servants notice the king leaving the bridal candidate's quarters, leading to hearsays and gossips.
  • Jang Rok Ha hires a merchant to sell various accessories for Jang Rei's maids as tokens of gratitude for their service to her. Actually a front, the "merchants" are Yi Jeok and Meng Gyeom.
    • Jeok rendezvouses with Nabi to convince her to leave the palace and regroup with the remainder of the rebel army forces. They also talk about the retrieving Seo In Seon Woo back, whom Nabi believes might be relocated somewhere in the palace.
  • While in a garden, Nabi tumbles upon Jin Won. He notices a butterfly-shaped scar on her left arm caused by the tea burn.
  • Hwang Se Ryeon plants some "herbs" at Yoo Dan Ah's garden.
  • Baek Ho and Gil Mu Jin inconspicuously enter the palace to aid Yi Hwi in locating and retrieving Seo In Seon Woo.
  • Yoo Ja Gyeom procures a paralyzing poison from an apothecary before having him killed.
  • The Crimson Moon, Baek Ho, and Gil Mu Jin search the palace for Seo In Seon Woo.
    • After initial failures in locating him, the Crimson Moon infers that he might be in the king's personal chambers. He finds Seon Woo there, but the king and the Bi Yeong Pal Mu await for him, cornering them.
    • Baek Ho and Mu Jin arrive in time and they escape through a secret underground tunnel.
    • With Heuk Rang knowledgeable of the tunnel and the passage having no exit, the Bi Yeong Pal Mu catches on the escaping rebels. The Crimson Moon deflects various arrows from the archers and sustains injuries in the process.
    • Mu Jin triggers another passage to open, submerging the tunnel underwater from the palace water canal and allowing them to escape the tunnel.
    • The three part ways and each carries a body decoy for the ex-minister to split the royal forces.
  • Nabi returns to Yoo Dan Ah's quarters with sustained injuries and is rendered unconscious. Dan Ah tends to her and finds out that she is a man.

One day after Seon Woo retrieval mission[]

  • Yoo Dan Ah asks Hong who he really is. He confesses that he is the Crimson Moon.
    • Dan Ah gives Hong a day to leave the palace before reporting him to the authorities.
  • Queen Mother Yoon Yeon Lee prepares the official bridal statement, but Yoo Ja Gyeom pricks her with a paralyzing poison, rendering her catatonic and incapacitated.
    • The chief state councilor pressures Jin Won to hold the royal wedding with haste. The king agrees, but, since the queen mother is in no condition to authenticate the bridal statement to be issued, he as the king shall be the final judge. He chooses Jang Rei to be his bride for the wedding.

One day after queen mother's paralysis[]

  • Jang Rei's baby prince is found dead in his sleep. Initial investigation finds traces of poison within the scene.
  • The palace gates were closed shut. Traffic in and out of the palace is severely restricted, and the security around the palace is tripled.
  • Jang Rei mysteriously hears a baby's cry and follows it out of her chambers.

Few days after baby prince's death[]

  • The bridal selection is postponed.
  • The palace holds a funeral for the baby prince.
  • For a few nights, Jang Rei has been disappearing out of her chambers to the palace lake. Eyewitnesses report she was found with her arms curled as if holding a baby.
  • Jang Rei once again wanders off to the palace lake at night. She spots a basket with the baby prince's blanket and jumps to the water.
    • Having followed her, Yoo Dan Ah rescues her.
  • Gwak Ji Ryeon tastes Jang Rei's tea in her chambers and notices hints of dream flower in it.
  • Yoo Ja Gyeom and some ministers arrive at the palace lake and "witness" Jang Rei's rumored insanity.
  • Dan Ah spots the basket with the blanket and sees a wooden block inside, inferring that the incident might be a setup.
    • She rushes to tell her father, but he sees him with someone, with whom he masterminded the palace lake incident.
    • Aside from Dan Ah, Nabi also overhears the conversation.

Some time after palace lake incident[]

  • En Shim, the maid who prepared Jang Rei's tea with dream flower, commits suicide.
  • Hong creates a painting that depicts him and Yoo Dan Ah together. Beneath this is a painting of the two in Bi Hwa Rim when they were younger. Canonically, this is his final known painting.

One day after palace lake incident[]

  • The ministers plead to the king to evict Hyun Bin.
    • To prove his point that she is merely grieving her child, the king asks his ministers to go with him to Hyun Bin's quarters.
  • While recuperating, Hyun Bin overhears from her servants the plea of the ministers to evict her and the plan of taking the baby princess away from her.
    • She rushes outside and hallucinates of a baby's cry once again. She encounters the king and his entourage.
    • Amidst the ministers' insistence to banish her, the king asks Hyun Bin for her wish that he shall grant. She asks to stay by his side and with her baby princess.
    • The ministers continue to pressure the king, leading him to revoke his decision to marry Hyun Bin.
  • Nabi assigns Seol Hwa to be her contingency plan in lighting the fuse for the revolt in case something is to happen to Nabi for some reason.
  • Jin Won heads to the lake where he and Hong once spent the night, but he finds the place empty.

Two days after palace lake incident[]

  • Jin Won visits Dan Ah and asks her for her wish that he shall grant. She asks him to remove her bridal candidacy to leave the palace.
    • To grant her wish, Won and Dan Ah go on an excursion outside the palace together with Nabi.
    • Per Nabi's instructions, Yi Jeok collects payment from the gallery on behalf of Hong and visits Ma Mi Song.
  • Yoo Dan Ah is arrested for the murder of the baby prince, after finding evidence that point to her involvement. She is tortured and personally interrogated by King Jin Won.
    • Nabi attempts to reason with King Jin Won, defending Dan Ah's innocence.
  • Hwang Se Ryeon orders her father to dispose of her maid who poisoned the baby prince, but the Crimson Moon intercepts.
    • Nabi takes the maid to Hyun Bin and asks her to keep the maid safe until she confesses, while Nabi is to surrender herself to keep Dan Ah from further torture.

One day after Dan Ah's arrest[]

  • Yoo Ja Gyeom pleads to the king about reconsidering his accusation on Yoo Dan Ah, though to no avail.
    • Ja Gyeom encounters Nabi and arrive at a compromise. She asks him to let a few of her men enter the queen mother's quarters in exchange for her having to surrender as the baby prince's murderer.
    • Some time after, Ma Mi Song and Sori enter the palace upon Yi Hwi's assumed behest.
  • Torture continues for Yoo Dan Ah.
  • Nabi informs Seol Hwa of her plan to surrender as the baby prince's murderer. She also clears her quarters empty and leaves Hong's final painting behind.
  • Nabi surrenders and confesses as the baby prince's murderer.
    • Dan Ah is put out of torturous interrogation.
    • Nabi is interrogated. Later, upon the ministers' staunch recommendations, Jin Won dispatches the Special Royal Interrogators to question Nabi by any means possible, subjecting her to torture.

One day after Nabi's surrender[]

  • Yoo Ja Gyeom informs Yoo Dan Ah about Nabi's surrender.
    • Dan Ah heads to Nabi's quarters in an attempt to destroy any evidence linking her to the Crimson Moon. She finds the painting Nabi left behind and weeps at the sight of it.
  • Seol Hwa informs Jang Rok Ha about Nabi's surrender. She tells him that the plan must not be changed despite this unplanned ploy.
  • Yi Jeok is informed of Nabi's surrender. Nonetheless, he orders Baek Ho and Gil Mu Jin to let Yi Hwi's plan proceed accordingly.
  • Yoo Dan Ah visits Nabi in her cell and apologizes for the things she has done that often led to Nabi's danger.
    • As a final request, Nabi asks Dan Ah to entrust herself to Seol Hwa when the latter comes to her.
    • Dan Ah offers Nabi a means of escape, but she is knocked unconscious to be safely returned to her quarters. Nabi is visited by the king himself.
  • Jang Rei threateningly asks Hwang Se Ryeon's maid to break her silence and guarantees that she may live with her help. She gives the maid until dawn to make up her mind.

Two days after Nabi's surrender[]

  • Yi Won asks Nabi to come over to his side and be his ally. She agrees to do so, but only if he hands Ga Guk over to Jin Yeon.
  • Yoon Yeon Lee remains paralyzed as checked by Sori.
  • Yoo Dan Ah visits Yi Won at the Chamber of Eternal Life; Won asks for counsel from his father through his portrait.
    • Dan Ah asks the king to remove Yoo Ja Gyeom from his position and to banish them from Hyang Ju. He merely apologizes to her, a feat he does for the first time in his life.
  • Jang Rei informs the king of a witness for the baby prince's murder.
  • Hwang Se Hyung and Hwang Se Ryeon are arrested and tortured.
    • Jin Won brings forth the witness and confesses that Se Ryeon masterminded the baby prince's murder. The maid also admits poisoning the prince on Se Ryeon's order.
    • Evidence is presented, including a land deed from Se Ryeon as reward for killing the prince and poison hidden in Se Ryeon's chest pocket among others. Poisons and toxic herbs are also found in unexpected places, and evil talismans are plastered beneath the wallpaper in her quarters.
    • The king charges them guilty of high treason and orders their execution. They are quartered and pulled by ox carts.
  • Upon orders of Jang Rei, Gwak Ji Ryeon escorts Se Ryeon's maid to the place where plague patients are quarantined.
  • Yoon Yeon Lee awakes, partially recuperated from her induced paralysis. She informs Yi Won of Yoo Ja Gyeom's schemes.
    • Ja Gyeom is summoned to the king's quarters and faces the queen mother.
    • He is charged of high treason and is set to be executed in the morning.
  • Yi Jeok and Jang Rok Ha finalize their pact before the rebellion. Afterwards, they employ the Fire Bull strategy and set fire to straw attached to bulls' tails to wreak havoc throughout the capital.
  • Nabi is released, but she and Yoo Dan Ah are separately confined in their quarters.
    • Seol Hwa introduces herself to Dan Ah and asks her to pack her things.
    • Dan Ah overhears about her father's appointed execution.
    • The Crimson Moon lights some incense, causing Dan Ah and the guards outside the quarters to faint. Yi Hwi delivers a monologue to the unconscious Dan Ah.
    • The explosion to signal the rebellion is fired.
  • The Crimson Moon Rebellion commences.
    • The bulls draw the royal army to the West Gate. Simultaneously, explosives are lit at the western and eastern sides of the palace.
    • King Jin Won is evacuated from his chambers, but the intoxicated king insists on wanting to "meet Jin Yeon." Fire has spread to the bridal quarters. Jin Won rushes there to save Nabi.
    • With the royal forces collapsing, the elite rebel troops march in from behind the North Gate of the palace.
    • Yoo Dan Ah finds the second image hidden beneath Hong's final painting and realizes that Yi Hwi is the boy she has been looking for. She sets out to find Hwi and stop him from killing his half-brother Won.
    • Yi Jeok, Gil Mu Jin, and subordinates head to Yoo Ja Gyeom's cell; Mu Jin kills him. Dan Ah witnesses her father's death and flees in horror.
    • Dan Ah and the palace head servant are caught by the rebels. The servant is killed, while Dan Ah gets injured.
    • Mu Jin and Baek Yoo Shin engage in a death battle.
    • Mu Jin severs Yoo Shin's arm, resulting in his death.
    • Still partially paralyzed, Yoon Yeon Lee dies amidst the engulfing fire in her chambers.
    • The Crimson Moon and Jin Won face off. The king manages to remove his mask and learns of his half-brother's true identity, Hong. As they manage to battle further, Won notices several hints that confirm Hong to be Nabi. After some initial doubt, Won realizes Hong to be Nabi.
    • Won orders Hwi to finish his mission as their battle draws to its conclusion. Hwi hesitatingly impales Won with his sword, while Won admits his **inadeptness** with swords. Won dies, Hwi overwhelmingly weeps, and Dan Ah arrives to witness the scene.
    • Bi Yeong Pal Mu archers commandered by Baek Ah open fire towards the chambers. Hwi and Dan Ah get hit by an arrow from behind. Hwi kills Baek Ah and the other royal soldiers. He somehow questions whether the pandemonium he has caused is what they truly desired. are killed.
    • Hwi carries the gravely injured Dan Ah out of the palace, but he collapses along the way out of his injuries.
    • Seeing Jeok in the face of danger, Hwi shields him and receives a huge attack from behind. Mu Jin kills the soldier, but Hwi is gravely wounded and passes out completely.

Some time after the Crimson Moon Rebellion[]

  • Yi Jeok is coronated as King Jin Jeok, the 14th king of Ga Guk.
    • Bi Yeong Ship Mu is assumed to be reinstated with Gil Mu Jin as captain.
    • Seo In Seon Woo is appointed as a minister of King Jin Jeok.
  • The case for Sa Hwa Hyeon, Sa Baek Hwa's father, is reopened.
  • Ma Mi Song and Sori tend Yoo Dan Ah's injuries acquired from the rebellion. Presumably, they also tend Yi Hwi's injuries.
  • After recuperating, Yi Hwi spends some time with Yoo Dan Ah, who becomes crippled and has turned amnesiac. She only remembers Yi Won, whom she calls Hwi as.
  • Jang Rei, her baby princess, and Jang Rok Ha travel somewhere, with their fates unknown.