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This page contains policies on editing articles in this wiki.



  • The contents of the articles should be unbiased. Editors are not supposed to write their own opinions. Only the things mentioned in the manhwa should be written.
  • Do not be over specific, or write a large description about a small event. Be as specific as necessary.
  • Do not add unnecessary information to the articles.
  • Descriptions should be clear and precise; speculations or uncertain facts should be avoided.
  • Articles should be written in present tense. Exceptions are the events related to past, like flashbacks.
  • Cite references from the manhwa.


  • Articles should be written in third person. Exceptions are quotes in first or second person.
  • First person articles should not be included in articles.


  • American English is preferred for articles.
  • Hangul is used for the translation of names, places, etc.
  • Lyrics of songs can be in English, Hangul, and McCune–Reischauer.


  • Articles shouldn't be heavily linked.
  • A page should be linked only once, on its first occurrence. Exceptions may be in infoboxes, or list/tables of characters.



  • New users should read Wiki Help.
  • Any article is supposed to be formatted in a constructive manner. No unnecessary text or information should be added.


  • Editors are supposed to bold the name of an article the first time it appears in the article itself.
  • Some important or newly introduced terms maybe be in bold.


  • Italic can be used for general emphasis, but in a controlled manner.
  • Use italics in text which are translated in Korean.


  • Underlined text should be avoided. Articles are not supposed to contain underlined text.


  • Avoid using ALL CAPS.
  • Avoid using bold and italic together in an article.
  • Avoid bold for general emphasis.
  • Only important words should be emphasized.
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