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Meng Gyeom and Jang Rok Ha representing the company

The Western Nak Cheon Company is a merchant trading company based in Seo Seo led by its Crown Prince, Jang Rok Ha. He is also assisted by his escort, Meng Gyeom.

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The company specializes in moving and selling weapons of large quantities,[1] including guns, swords,[2] cannons, and even bulls.[3] Aside from weapons, the company also sells and endorses small-scale items, such as perfumes,[4] ornaments, accessories, and the like.[5]

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Jeok and Rok Ha form an alliance

The company was previously sought by Deung Ha Bul Myung represented by Yi Jeok, its leader; and Nabi, Jeok's alleged wife, in the wake of their procurement for the rebel army's revolt.[1] However, after the rebel army was eradicated by Bi Yeong Pal Mu upon orders of King Jin Won. Rok Ha closed the deal with the rebel army initially, only for Jeok to meet with him once again and reforge a deal between them. By this time, however, Jeok was made aware of Rok Ha's title as Seo Seo's crown prince. Assumably, Rok Ha also knew about Jeok's royal lineage as the erstwhile deposed crown prince of Ga Guk.[6]

Recognizing their mutual capabilities to each other, the rebel army and the company formed an alliance and a deal. Both parties shall have a new peace treaty for their countries, Rok Ha agrees to supply the rebel army with their needed weapons for their rebellion, and Jeok promises to bring Jang Rei and her baby princess to Rok Ha unharmed if their rebellion ends in their success.[3]

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