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Yeong Bi was the fourth wife of King Jang Ryun of Seo Seo and the mother of Jang Rei.


She was known as a beautiful woman of average height. She had long wavy hair that reached her upper back.


Contrary to many hearsays, Yeong Bi assumably had a genuine and positive character that earned the king's heart. She also lovingly protected her daughter Rei, whom Yeong Bi frequently advised to not trust anyone and anything offered to her in the palace after she was poisoned daily with her teas.


Yeong Bi was a commoner from Seo Seo, who, after entering the palace, was criticized by many to be a lowly woman. Having no background, many people thought that she beguiled and seduced the king with her looks after he returned with her from a year-long inspection of the country.[1] Jang Ryun's elder children especially badmouthed her and, upon the king's death, the First Princess poisoned her teas daily until her death, leaving her daughter Rei completely orphaned.[2]


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