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She was the unnamed wife of erstwhile minister Yi Ha and the older cousin of then queen Ahn Young.


Nineteen years prior to the start of the series, queen Ahn Young gave birth to twin princes: one healthy and one barely breathing. The king, not wanting the twins to later fight for the throne similar to how he experienced with his own twin brother, left the child unattended by the royal physician. Minister Yi Ha found out about this and helped the queen hide the second-born baby from the king.[1]

The baby prince under the care of his foster parents

After getting him treated by Physician Ma, the minister brought the child to his home. He informed his wife about the dilemma and asks whether they could take the child under their care. Wanting to have a child for a long time, the minister's wife happily agreed to it.

As the boy grew, his foster mother became close with him, having him hone his talent for painting and to be nourished in utmost affection and warmth.[2] Amidst these, she and her husband saw to it not to let him leave their residence to ensure the child's safety.[3]

The deaths of Yi Ha and his wife

Eight years later, Minister Seo In Seon Woo and her husband met each other to have the seven-year-old Hwi enter the palace to serve as Crown Prince Yi Jeok's decoy. Albeit unbeknownst to Hwi, he happily went with his foster father to the palace, much to the grief of Hwi's foster mother.[4] This would also be the last time they would see each other. Following the Jeogwa Revolution a year after her foster son's entry to the palace, she and her husband were killed by Yoon Yeon Lee's men. As part of the only people who knew about the second prince's identity, this made Seon Woo reflect how he was the only individual left who knew about Prince Hwi's royal lineage.[1]


  • (To her spouse about adopting the prince) "I will be busy from tomorrow. We have been wanting a baby for so long, and now this precious baby has come to us!"[1]
  • (Upon receiving Hwi's name from the queen) "Hwi, huh… What a pretty name. I hope he grows up to be bright and happy… just like his name."[1]


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