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Though born of royal blood, Yi Hwi was driven away from the palace at birth and later at a young age. As he led Deung Ha Bul Myung as a rebel monarch, he assumed a low profile and wore outfits of the same style that differed in color scheme. Notably, Hwi's style comprised practical and simple outfits, seemingly to make it convenient when he often changed into other clothing that befitted his other personas.

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Image Description
Crimson Moon Uniform
Hwi's outfit as the Crimson Moon consisted of a dark brown jeogori with white linings and dark brown baji all tucked into black forearm guards with light brown linings. He topped them off with a reddish-black joki with light brown linings.
YOutfit 0.1.png Chapter 0
In the prologue, Hwi wore a cream jeogori with white hemline whose sleeves were collected in black forearm guards with dark blue ribbon-like edges. He also wore a pair of cream baji tucked in shin guards. Over this, he wore a plum joki with blue radial-patterned linings. On his upper waist was a dark blue ribbon that served as his belt.
Chapter 6 & Chapter 17
Hwi's outfit consisted of a beige jeogori with white linings in the hemline wherein the sleeves of the shirt were tucked in a pair of black forearm guards with light green linings at the ends and ribboned at the top. He donned a black joki with very dark grayish cyan-lime green linings reaching until his upper femur, which he tied into a ribbon as its belt. Underneath the vest, he wore a pair of beige baji, tucked in shin guards.
YOutfit 27.png Chapter 27
Hwi's outfit consisted of cream-colored jeogori and baji all tucked into dark green forearm and shin guards, respectively, with black linings. He also wore a black belt, which he tied into his upper waist. He then donned a light green joki with radial designs and gold linings.
YOutfit 36.png Chapter 36
Hwi wore a cream jeogori with white hemline linings whose sleeves were tucked into dark jade forearm guards with gold linings. He wore a pair of cream baji tucked in shin guards underneath a plum joki with silver linings.
YOutfit 41.png Chapter 41
Hwi's outfit consisted of a cream jeogori with white linings and a matching-colored baji. He topped his outfit with a taupe joki having lime linings and faint radial patterns. His baji was tucked into dark red shin guards with lime linings.


Image Description
YGeneric accessory.png Red Ponytail
Hwi has long teal hair which is loosely tied with a ponytail. His ponytail is thick and red, only seen on rare occasions.


Image Description
YGeneric footwear.png Generic Sandals
Throughout the series, Hwi is seen wearing a generic pair of jipsin sandals, partnered with a pair of white ankle-high beoseon.


Image Description
YAccessory 17 2.png Bracelet
Initially, Hwi wore a red bracelet on his right hand. Given to him by a young girl from Deung Ha Bul Myung, the bracelet was believed to make wishes come true. Later, Hwi stopped wearing the bracelet when it broke.
YAccessory 17.png Waist Bag
Hwi wore a brown waist bag, which he frequently positioned on his left. He kept his art materials such as paint and brushes inside.
YAccessory 40.png Art Capsule
Hwi carried with him a wooden capsule that held his rolled paintings whenever he traveled to deliver to his clients. It had three symmetrical red strings attached and two white ribbons connected to his shoulders.
Crimson Moon mask.png Crimson Moon Mask
Whenever he disguised as the Crimson Moon, Hwi's most notable feature was his red mask, which probably earned him his name. Some members of the rebel army were also shown to have worn this mask, albeit some had few alterations to the design.