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Yi Won was a former king of Ga Guk. As such, while his outfits did not entirely show his royal lineage, he wore a variety of bright and extravagant clothing that nevertheless represented his status akin to a nobleman, especially during his frequent excursions.

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Image Description
WOutfit 2.png Dragon Robe
King Jin Won wore his gonryongpo (곤룡포) that typically comprised a cream baji jeogori having white linings. He also wore a dark brown joki with grey linings that had faint designs. He wore an open velvet vest with a gakdae encircled around his waist. He donned an amber po with a distinct seal on each shoulder.
WOutfit 0.1.png Chapter 0
In the prologue, Won wore an amber cheolik underneath a purple dapo with spiral vines and turquoise linings, which has a slit in the center revealing white skirt-like ruffles and thin purple linings. A turquoise belt was also tied around his waist.
WOutfit 1.png Chapter 1
Won wore an amber cheolik beneath a purple dapo with spiral vines and turquoise linings, closely similar to his prologue outfit. Unlike his prologue outfit, an ombre gray-and-violet apron-like cloth hanged from his turquoise ribbon belt.
WOutfit 2 2.png Chapter 2
Won's outfit consisted of a cream jeogori with white dongjeong and indigo git, designed with indigo cuffs. He also wore matching wine baji with faint patterns. Over this, he donned a white dapo that had indigo linings.
WOutfit 6.png Chapter 6
Won wore a white jeogori that had white dongjeong, amber git, and amber linings. Beneath amber baji, he put on a dark brown dapo with solid and dotted gray linings. He also had a turquoise po with faint designs.
WOutfit 10.png Chapter 10
Won wore an amber jeogori with white dongjeong, indigo git, and wine linings on the sleeves. He also wore amber baji and black dapo with jade linings that was held together by a matching jade ribbon belt.
WOutfit 14.png Chapter 14
Won's outfit consisted of an amber jeogori that had lime linings and matching lime git with white dongjeong. He wore amber baji and a white dapo with blue linings. He held the outfit together with a blue ribbon belt that from where a matching blue apron-like cloth with distinct designs hanged.
WOutfit 20.png Chapter 20
Won wore a dark brown jeogori with white dongjeong, amber linings, and matching amber git. He wore dark brown baji underneath a dark brown dapo that had solid and square-like tan linings.
WOutfit 21.png Chapter 21
Won wore a cream jeogori and wine baji. He donned a lime dapo with wine linings, held together by a wine belt with an apron cloth that hanged from it.
WOutfit 24.png Chapter 24
Won was seen wearing only a cerulean baji underneath a loosely worn white jeogori with azure linings, held together by a matching-colored belt.
WOutfit 27.png Chapter 27
Won wore a white jeogori that had white dongjeong, purple linings, and matching purple git. He also wore white baji, a prussian blue dapo with azure linings, and a matching azure ribbon belt with apron-like cloth that had flowery spiral designs.
WOutfit 34.png Chapter 34
Won's outfit consisted of a dirty white jeogori that had navy blue linings, matching-colored git, and white dongjeong. He wore a pair of matching navy blue baji underneath a brown dapo with thick white linings and white butterfly designs. He held it together with a dirty white ribbon belt where a matching-colored apron-like cloth hanged.
WOutfit 39.png Chapter 39
Won was seen wearing only a white jeogori with fuchsia-designed and solid gold linings and a pair of baji.
WOutfit 40.png Chapter 40
Won wore a cream jeogori that had white dongjeong, velvet-colored git, and magenta linings. He wore a pair of magenta baji underneath a dark velvet dapo with velvet-designed and dotted white linings.
WOutfit 41.png Chapter 41
WOutfit 43.png Chapter 43
Chapter 45
WOutfit 46.png Chapter 46
WOutfit 47.png Chapter 47
WOutfit 51.png Chapter 51
Chapter 54 & Chapter 55


Image Description
WAccessory.png Headdress as King
During court meetings, King Jin Won typically styled his long hair into a bun, held together by an odd-shaped gold sangtu that had a long spiral-like golden string hanging from it and a silver donggot in a shape of a dragon with a silver dangling string resembling a chain having an hourglass-shaped ornament in the middle of the string.


Image Description
WFootwear 2.png Chapter 2
Won wore white beoseon and a pair of purple hye with a jade cap and gold edges, lines, and sole.
WFootwear 14.png Chapter 14
Won wore white beoseon and white hye with a brown cap, designed with curved green lines.
WFootwear 18.png Chapter 18
Won wore white beoseon and dark brown hye with faint designs. It also had a tan cap, gold lines around the footwear, a gold sole, and a light cream heelcap.
WFootwear 21.png Chapter 21
Won wore white beoseon and black hye with a dark purple cap and heelcap, designed with white solid and dotted lines on the purple portions.
WFootwear 51.png Chapter 51


Image Description
WAccessory 3.png Smoking Pipe
Won was always seen with his pipe that resembled a kiseru. It had a long red stem and silver bowl (with a screw-shaped neck) and lip. He also used this as his weapon aside from smoking it.