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She was the unnamed mother of Yoo Dan Ah and the wife of Yoo Ja Gyeom.


According to Dan Ah, her father did not marry her mother to gain power or fame, but rather out of love.[1]

On her deathbed, she waited to see her daughter Dan Ah, but she was unable to, since her daughter went out to find a medicinal herb with red fruit hanging from it that would hopefully cure her sickness. Eventually, she died of her unspecified illness.[2]


Her death became a turning point in her daughter's life, making her become distraught and inert during her childhood. Dan Ah's father prohibited her to keep any of her mother's possessions,[3] and he also did not allow Dan Ah to speak of her mother, even after many years have passed after her mother's death.[1]

Several seasons after her mother's passing, Dan Ah became lively and filled with hope after her one of her flower shoes given to her by her mother was brought back to their residence by the boy she once met at Bi Hwa Rim.[3] As the single remaining memento of her mother, Dan Ah cherished this possession and the boy, chasing after him at least a decade later their encounter.

Moreover, her mother's passing due to illness pushed Dan Ah to take care of sick people, opting to study medical basics[4] under physician Ma Mi Song[5] and to even serve plague patients hands-on during the height of the Moon's End Village epidemic.[6]


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